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Cloud Server Hosting: At A Glance of Cheap and Cost Effective Solutions

Cloud is a buzz word in the hosting industry. Cloud Server hosting is entirely based on the most advanced Cloud computing technologies that interconnects unlimited servers to create a single system. Whereas other hosting frameworks, be it shared or dedicated, entirely depend on a single server thus suffer from failure of a single server, Cloud hosting model rely on a number of servers. Which means a Cloud server has access of all the required software for seamless running and it doesn’t rely upon any software that is centrally installed.

Although, Cloud Servers acquire all the functionality and capability of a traditional server but the main difference that makes it apart is the ability to be accessed remotely by a Cloud service provider.

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Our Cheap Cloud Server hosting packages are designed to power your businesses with exceptional scalability, redundancy and availability. Heavy traffic websites or vital applications for your business – whatever your business may be – we always thrive to ensure that your fluctuating business needs will be well taken care of.

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Imposing Advantages of Cheap Cloud Servers

There has been a lot of talk about this innovative technology, but undeniably it is a revolutionary solution in the hosting arena. Even several governments in the world embracing Cloud computing services. Most small and medium sized businesses have either switched to Cloud or mulling to harness the great features of Cloud Hosting.

Here’s a quick look at what makes Cloud Server Hosting the most sought-after other hosting solutions

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    Scalability & Flexibility:

    Scalability and Flexibility are two most salient features that a Cloud environment offers. While scalability allows your IT infrastructure to easily upscale or downscale any time, flexibility enables your employees to share documents simultaneously over the Internet.

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting


    As Cloud Server Hosting allows you to pay only for the resources you use, you can save on overall operational costs. Besides, you won’t be spending huge amount on setting up system.

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    Easy Installation:

    The entire implementation in the Cloud hosting is done remotely. Also, it doesn’t require further inclusion of either software or hardware.

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    Time Saver:

    Getting up your businesses with Cloud is hassle-free and quick. Compared to traditional hosting models, Cloud becomes functional much faster thus saving time.

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    Fully Automated:

    Automation is one of the key attractions of Cloud Server Hosting. Businesses do not require to set up a dedicated team to look after backups and system updates.

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    Frees up Resources & Mobility:

    Automation feature of Cloud Server Hosting allows businesses to free up internal resources from server management and to deploy them in core business activity. While mobility enables employees to work from anywhere.

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Key Differentiators of Best Cloud Hosting Providers

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    N+1 Redundancy

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    Over 500 rack capacity

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    Highly scalable Cloud infrastructure

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    Premium hardware/IT equipment

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    24 * 7 Server monitoring, maintenance and management

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    Freedom to upgrade or downgrade plans in accordance to needs

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    Carrier neutral data centers

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    Updated anti-virus and anti-spam applications forenhanced security

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    Hassle-free servers setup & upgradation

  • Cheap Cloud Server Hosting

    24 * 7 Technical Support

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