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>Dedicated Firewalls

At the present time, the demand for a dedicated firewall is soaring because businesses want to keep their crucial data at the safest level. It is significant because if any crucial information gets compromised, both business’s brand image and productivity are likely to face the negative consequences. Plus, the odds of losing customer loyalty will amplify, which, in turn, could result in a business failure.

In the near future, the prominence of dedicated firewall solutions is supposed to be doubled because the demand for a secure environment isn’t going down any time soon. At this point in time, Go4hosting appears as a perfect firewall solution provider.

We have been serving top-notch dedicated server firewall services to our clients for 19 years. We desire to elongate this streak, thereby, continuously investing in the ever-changing technology. So, if you dream for a vigorous firewall for dedicated server, it’s time to join forces with Go4hosting!

Why should I go for a dedicated server firewall instead of shared one?

The idea of availing shared firewall solutions usually comes to business owners’ mind due to cost-effectiveness. However, putting confidential information at jeopardy in contemplation of saving a few dollars is not a good idea, isn’t it?

Here are a few reasons that will explain why dedicated firewall systems should get more preference over shared ones:

  • You can expect average security from shared firewalls because of the presence of multiple users on the dedicated servers. Contrariwise, dedicated server firewalls offer rock-hard security as there is only one user.
  • Shared firewalls provide, for network security, limited functionality and controls, while dedicated firewall offers the full control and most advanced features.
  • In the case of a shared firewall, if one user’s data gets breached, there is a likelihood other users have to face the violation of data in the later stages. On the other hand, dedicated firewall systems promise a highly-secured environment, which as a positive consequence, slashes the chances of a data breach to a large extent.

After being familiar with these reasons, if you want a stringent firewall for dedicated server of yours, Go4hosting is the vendor you should be approaching right now!





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