In IT infrastructure design, Cost optimization is the biggest reason for switch to Cloud Computing functions. With AWS you can access the flexible and lower cost IT resources easily. The old style of Cost ownership analysis is no longer prevalent as we can use the cloud services for better business. 

In “Total Cost of operation” method, the Cloud services offers you the privilege to use only what you need and pay only for what you use. The “Total Cost of Operation” (TCO) analysis compares the costs of owned traditional data center with the costs environments of AWS Cloud services.

Benefits of total Cost operations by using AWS:

•  AWS helps in doing innovation easily.
  It offers the agility for quicker agility on new instances of AWS.
•  It helps in maximization of the value of your business decision for
AWS operations.
•  It helps in eliminating Upfront Sunk Costs.
•  AWS helps in lowering the cost borne by customer by usage of “pay only for what you use” pricing model.

For initial setting up the Cloud Computing technique you should:

•  measure value
•  improve the data of migration project
•  manage migration costs for business.
•  estimate cost optimization requirement while doing business operation

Steps to optimize the Cost operations:

1.  Create Cost Managed Culture: The prime motive of business effectiveness is cost management and optimization. You can get real-time feedback by using software such as:

  AWS Trusted Advisor dashboard
  AWS Billing Cost Explorer

Factors to be kept in mind:

•  Everyone must have access to data – It reduces the feedback loop among the information/data and running actions for fixing issues easily.  
•  Implement best practices and policies for achieving operational excellence. 
•  Spend time on Staff trainings on how to save cost.

Driving Cost Optimization: By shifting to the consumption-based model of cloud computing, innovation within the organization can be enhanced. However, this model lacks the predictability in long run. Cost saving is not the only goal, but controlling the extra spending for focused business growth results can be achieved by innovation techniques.

Benefits of using AWS Dashboard:

•  Actively manages workloads 24/7. 
  Gets turned off automatically when not in use. 
•  Provides visibility of costs by reviewing dashboard daily.
  Works in line with finance and leadership teams for tracking the business goals. 
•  For best rate selection, it does the evaluation of pricing options which fits best with workload. 
•  It measures and tracks the usage, and identifies areas of improvement.

2.  Total Cost of Operation: The complete operation of pay-as-you-go model actually reduces the investments for large capital expenditures. Also, it significantly reduces the operating expense (OpEx) costs while daily management of system. This model effectively helps in budget management and allows businesses to quickly act on innovative initiatives by managing CapEx.

Features to have smooth migration for delivering maximum cost efficiency:

Factors to be considered while managing the Current Costs:

•  Labor cost. 
•  Network cost. 
  Capacity cost. 
•  Availability/Power
  Servers space allocated

3.  Total Cost involved in Migration: For getting maximum benefits of the Managed AWS Cloud, you need to initially plan for the financial costs that are linked with migration of workloads to AWS

For Total Cost involved in migration, include the inputs as: Acquisition of new skills by IT staff, defining new business processes, existing business processes modifications, Cost migration tool calculations, data center penalties if applicable, and licensing agreements.

AWS uses the feature of complete migration bubble for defining the time and cost to switch to existing applications running on-premises data centers to the AWS Cloud. Initially, certain costs may increase when you switch to migration bubble, so it is crucial that we understand all the costs related to migration bubble. 

Graph for migration Bubble:

4.  Select the Right Plan for Specific Workloads: You can opt from the three instances such as: On-Demand, Reserved Instances, and Spot Instances. Also, payment for the Dedicated Hosts offers you complete EC2 instance in line with physical servers for your dedicated use.

 Purchasing Options


On-Demand Instances

  • In this the payment is done only for compute capacity per hour with no upfront payments.
  • You pay for specified hourly rate as per instance used.

Reserved Instances

  • It has higher savings in comparison to using On-Demand instances.

Spot Instances

  • It provides the flexibility to purchase compute capacity without any commitments.
  • It can set the specification of maximum hourly price which you can be operated for a specific instance type.

Dedicated Hosts

  • Usage of physical EC2 servers with instance capacity of dedicated server is used.
  • It offers 70% discount when compared to On Demand price.

Best Practices for employment:

While firms shift to the cloud and uses new initiatives of working, below stated best practices helps you:

•  Determination of Top-Line Business Metrics: To define the system of measurement that actually provides the most effective data for tracking the service, subscriber, having customer access, API calls and related page views.

•  Instance Utilization should be selected as priority: It manages features such as visibility, enhanced control, and cost optimization. The performance can be tracked by using tools to reduce extra cost.

•  Distribution of the Daily Spending Updates: AWS Provides a complete weekly reporting method for enhancing the visibility and driving business functions well across the big complex firms.

•  Every engineer can act as a Cost Engineer: Engineers can completely design code that is innovative and cost efficient. With AWS you can build up a rightly sized architectural design by using tagging for cost optimization.

•  Build automated Services: Automation boosts the process of migration. The Automation services process turns off the system at a particular time to have minimum wastage of system resources. With automation, the machines alter the resource usage up or down as per the requirement to achieve best performance and cost optimization.


By switching to the AWS Cloud with the help of go4hosting, the organizations can simplify their complete infrastructure management. It has faster service deployment. Also, it offers greater availability of resources, hence leading to reduction in costs of operation. 

Once you know your migration costs clearly, then you can forecast your savings for calculations of payback time, and also project ROI to maximize the value your company gains from migration to the AWS.

AWS delivers a complete set of completely designed features for offering unique security, compliance and privacy. With the help of this technology platform that is broad as well as deep, enhanced professional services within organizations run stringent training programs. Go4hosting can help you in growing faster and centrally managing your complete AWS ecosystem.

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