As cloud computing is seen to be one of the fastest business technologies to evolve in the past few years, its digital technologies have majorly transformed the prevailing industry landscape for better growth and expansion. Being a pioneer in embracing cloud computing in the field of networking systems, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) sector is adopting it as the most desired business service. Primarily due to its competitive nature, the BFSI sector is seen and characterized aptly as a volatile sector due to its ever-changing consumer needs, infrastructural costs, and business application automation supporting highly innovative features for satisfying customer demands. Due to its comprehensive nature, Go4hosting has envisaged cloud computing functions as the most highly secured and reliable business feature!

As the banking and financial data is huge in amount and confidential in nature, with cloud computing businesses can maintain its storage not at one place but in several virtual spaces. With features of feasible resource usage and worldwide presence, cloud computing helps the banking and financial service providers in managing all sorts of business demands across the world. The cloud infrastructure, being highly reliable and secured, offers excellent features to its adopters, with additional expansion options by offering managed data backup system for the critical business information. With secured cloud computing features enabling easier business features with operational compatibility, secured storage system and 24×7 business uptime, cloud computing is heralding the new dawn of technology in BFSI!

Expansion into new markets:

Cloud computing is primarily preferred by businesses whose processes have an enhanced opportunity for growth into new sectors. These businesses usually operate in regions with low costs and time burdens weighing on them. These businesses get fully operational with the physical establishment of offices and growing their presence. With new markets operating differently from the older competitive markets, these offer an improved way to access new customers. The banking and financial products and services are highly suitable for expanding the business into new markets. The already operational banks have a better ability of providing consistent customer service across the branches and geographies. This integrated plethora of customer information combined with cloud analytics makes it lucrative for BFSI to try for business growth and operations.

Data derived insights drive business

With huge transactions being done on a daily basis, the businesses can manage their systems through online banking services quite appropriately aided by cloud computing. Huge transactional volume with secure data has a great impact on the analysing, monitoring and predicting tools for capitalizing on business opportunities for various Banks and Financial Services organizations. With the adoption of cloud technology, they acquired much more sophisticated customer intelligence with better enabled functions for migration to platforms while branding themselves as “social enterprises”. With enhanced flexibility and efficiency provided by the cloud services, they could get optimum business that was tracking consistently with market trends, so as to expand their best performing functions to the maximum potential.

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Security with Risk Management

The present data storage architecture, operating in-line with traditional methods for safe-guarding against any threats of hacking or cybercriminals. With regular vigilance, dedicated workforce system and resource deployment, the cloud computing service providers can manage all the hassles and ensure high-end security by eliminating any cyber threats faced by banks and financial institutions.

Substantially Secured Data Management with Cloud Computing!

In today’s world, where customer loyalty is considered to be the most desirable outcome of any business efforts, cloud computing has brought about severe competition across the BFSI players for enhanced business agility supported with rapid business innovations to successfully meet the ever changing customer needs and requirements. Additionally, cloud infrastructure has improved business collaboration among internal teams and outwards with customers by offering enhanced productivity and increased go-to-market speed.

Additionally, with more rapid business processes and digital transformations of the products and services, they can meet the increasing demands of the market quite fast. Cloud computing can facilitate better innovation by empowering the existing banks to offer new business services and benefits to its clients quickly. The focused digital channel of cloud computing has the ability to offer real-time business solutions to BFSI customers, with major banks having a considerably simplified process once they migrate to the cloud.

With innovative cloud operation systems, mobile applications and fast-operating digital back-end systems, the cloud-based offerings can also manage social media platforms in order to significantly enhance customer interaction and acquisition. With seamless online service operation surfacing as one of the critical factors for gaining customer trust, cloud computing is the preferred mode of expansion in BFSI.

The cloud computing revolution is the need of the hour, as it ensures smooth business transition onto the cloud platform. With maximum business benefits from developing critical, detailed and managed strategies for deploying cloud functions, Go4hosting offers an exquisite experience. The comprehensive cloud hosting services which operate across industries and sectors including BFSI have gone a long way in leveraging the advantages of the cloud for businesses.

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