With the emergence of cloud computing solutions, everyone was keen to know whether these hosting solutions could actually transform the work profiles for developers. This question drew mixed responses; while some felt that the developer’s job would undergo a radical change, others were not too sure. However, in 2018, we can actually say for a fact that cloud hosting has indeed brought about landmark changes in the web development industry. Because of super fast hosting, web development tasks can be carried out with least disruptions.

Benefit from Cloud Hosting

Key benefits which developers enjoy because of cloud hosting:

  • One of the most significant advantages of cloud hosting for web developers has been low latency. In traditional web hosting, data center locations were one of the major causes why latency problems would arise. Since there were limited data centers, your chances of getting one closer to your business facility were very less. This led to latency issues because of high Time to First Byte or TFTB accompanied by slow server-response timings. However, in contrast, cloud hosting will provide multiple region-specific data centers which ensure that the time needed for delivering data to end-users is far less. Loading speeds are much higher and developers can integrate huge data volumes in their development processes seamlessly.
  • With cloud hosting solutions developers can also benefit from scalability for their applications. They are now in a position to deliver high performances even under stress. When developers had to choose shared hosting plans earlier, they faced many limitations in terms of resources which would stall their performances. So, performance got affected because of resources limitations and lack of scalability. The problem was far intense for applications like CRM which rely on the communications between modules to guarantee optimum performance. With dedicated hosting, the developers enjoyed better performances but they were forced to manage all applications on their own. In contrast, cloud hosting spares them of all these burdens. They can now create and deploy applications facing far few problems. When they choose to sign up for managed solutions, they will not even need to worry about the server maintenance and administration issues. They can interact with clients efficiently without being bothered by server problems and slow server responses.
  • Because web applications can be deployed faster, developers can also benefit from timely delivery of their assets. Because of advanced cloud CDN hosting solutions and local data centers, they can now save a lot of time. So, this guarantees a better user experience for visitors. This is true even of high-resolution videos and graphics which now load much faster and developers do not have to worry about the sites slowing down anymore. It is now possible for them to upload videos exceeding 200MB without risks of the page- loading speed getting affected.
  • With cloud hosting, the user experience is obviously enhanced. Where UX is concerned, page loading speed is of utmost importance. Websites which are providing streaming video and audio files must be able to assure their users of a great experience on their sites. There are many cloud services providers which can guarantee super fast hosting solutions from localized data centers too. This is very useful for tackling latency issues. With cloud hosting, another added advantage for the developers is the CDN. This is a network of edge servers which are spread across multiple locations around the globe. They store cache content and can deliver content to the users faster than ever because the edge servers closest to the user respond first.
  • When web developers sign up for shared or dedicated hosting solutions they have to install a new development environment. So, they have to install the OS, database management systems, web servers, and applications. This is a long-drawn time-consuming process. But, with cloud hosting, developers can benefit from a pre-installed environment which has servers, databases in place already. So, all they have to do is start developing applications.
  • With cloud hosting another major benefit which developers can enjoy is the freedom to collaborate with co-workers on projects in real time. This means that they can work on one task from different corners of the world. They can even grant access to others to work on the projects while ensuring that they retain the root access themselves. So, work can get done more productively where group tasks are concerned and all the work done is completely transparent.

Hosting for developers is a major concern. These arguments show how developers have benefitted from cloud computing solutions. No one can, therefore, deny that cloud hosting has brought about a huge breakthrough in web development. Because of super fast hosting solutions which the cloud providers can offer, web developers today can install robust applications both individually and through teamwork at much lower costs. Besides, cloud hosting solutions have also ensured that they are in a position to cater to specific client requirements much faster than before.

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