A couple of decades ago, business letters were the most all-encompassing mode of communication.

Now it is the email.

However, businesses need a reliable email server. Any compromise on seamless service can negatively impact business operations.

Many companies particularly the smaller ones rely on their local Internet Service Providers to provide email services. And quite a few companies rely on Yahoo or Gmail.

But a cheap email hosting server that you can call your own has its advantages. We can list four advantages here.

  • Privacy – With your own email server, you are free from worries of sensitive information being read by unauthorized persons.
  • Control – You have complete control over the server. You set the rules for usage, set up scanning, and store the messages the way you like.
  • Faster mail – With no reliance on a distance server to deliver messages, emails are delivered faster within the company. A dedicated mail server gets rid of the lag time between sending and receiving messages.
  • Customize tasks – You can tailor certain tasks like print copies of emails received from certain addresses, archive specific emails, or create auto-response to certain addresses.

We are constantly urged to use cloud services to perform many important tasks, such as, storing files and emailing.

The benefits are obvious. Performing tasks online releases space on our devices, and allow us to access data from any device having an internet connection.


In many instances cloud has many benefits over dedicated server hosting.   

By cloud hosting, you are configuring servers by a flexible approach to enable the most affordable, scalable and dependable web infrastructure.

It is simple

Cloud servers can be launched fast could be even under a minute. Controlling servers is straightforward with an intuitive user interface. Moreover, securing data, resizing servers and generating new ones need just a few clicks.

It is scalable

Unlike a physical dedicated server that has specified resource limit based the hardware installed, cheap cloud servers exist on a large cluster of resources delivering an extraordinary pool of RAM, processing power and storage.

A cloud cluster intuitively moves among servers within the cluster to deliver optimal use and availability of resources.

It is affordable

Cloud charges only for the resources you use. When costs are computed per hour, you have the best control over your budget. Furthermore, in an affordable pricing plan, you can prevent sudden traffic spikes from shooting up your bill.

It is customizable

With a cloud server, you can tailor its processing power, location and operating system.

Has undeleted features

You can bring back emails that have been deleted accidentally.

Considering the above benefits it makes sense of learning how to install your own private email server in the cloud.

A self-hosted email server provides straightforward and easy access through a web interface while providing a platform to view emails and share across devices conveniently, all within your control.  

With your own email server, only you have access to the server, but if need be you can grant access to your staff and team members. All you need to install your own private email server in the cloud is a computing device such as a PC, internet connectivity and some software.