Go4hosting’s windows cloud server hosting enables customers to design, handle and host various applications from an off-premise region. Our cheap cloud hosting services outclasses in several areas such as performance, safety, durability, scalability, reliability, data backup and so on so forth. With our cloud-based services, their business can eventually enhance performance, as it accelerates up various methods and enhances complete proficiency. Several huge companies have contributed their trust in this and are receiving world-class services.

With the required resources, customers will simply measure their quickly growing business to a thousand customers without extra coding. Our cloud interface is accessible with immediate deployment service and remarkable options which can assist customers in suitable decision making as well as revealing numerous business challenges.

What features customers get with a Windows Cloud server?

  • completely compatible with numerous OS
  • Assists various Programming Language, framework, tools & devices
  • Assists Linux containers with Docker integration
  • Industry level SLA
  • 24x7 Rapid Action assistance
  • highly Scalable

Why choose us for Windows Cloud?

  • Price-savings: Price Saving Parameters.
  • Rapid scalability: Clients will simply measure their cloud plan in accordance with their business specifications.
  • Time-management: our services removes the requirement to buy, observe, maintain, set up hardware and OS and spend on the price for various machines.
  • Durable framework: If some website is getting crashes, everything is shifted to various servers located under the atmosphere, therefore managing high-availability.
  • Robust BI and Analytics assistance: Managed SQL and NoSQL data-based services and various assisting services allows recovering insights to improve business performance.

Features of Windows Web Hosting

World-class Quality at affordable price

  • Customers do not have to knock the bank for hosting their website or web-based application over a Windows platform. Yes, our customers are in the right hands and their premium quality is ensured.

Backup Automated regularly

  • We can say that what information is to the business in a way water is to a fish. At Go4hosting, we ensure that customers never feel any data loss since we provide a backup of the complete website or web application automatically regularly.

Immediate Account Setup as well as Activation

  • In fact, we praise the time as well as a promise we provide with our services. Hence, we always provide the needed in the required time. Customer orders are accepted, operated and installed in some minutes. Thus, they will begin processing on their website as soon as possible.

Remarkable All-In-One Control Panel

  • At Go4hosting, the customer is provided with a proficient control panel to assist productively in handling their website, databases,  FTP account(s), content, email account(s), and so on so forth.

Effective One-Click App Installer

  • Our services come with a promise of ease-of-use. In fact, customers will utilize our One-Click App Installer to activate about1000 applications over their control panel. 

Full-Refund Money-Back Assurance

  • Obvious, customers may require some time to perceive actually how big their website or web application is over our Windows cloud servers. We provide a full-refund money-back assurance providing customers for at most 30 days after account installation.

How does Windows web hosting work?

Windows web hosting operates in several ways. Primarily, customers have to successfully place their order and possess an active account. Then, we can configure their account (DNS, website, FTP, and many more.) and send customers an email entailing their entire hosting details. Customers can get DNS as well as FTP settings. They are necessary to receive their website alive (or, a-net). Customer can require to modify the DNS of their domain from the control panel and use their file/project to our server. At last, we provide the Web Deploy feature.

Cloud Hosting Services consist:

  • Cloud for startups as well as web developers
  • Competitive pricing. The suitable price customer will receive cloud hosting on VMware platform
  • Hosted within the durable and safe Tier 3, ISO 27001 Data centre.
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • SSD-based cloud servers
  • Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js and Docker support
  • Automatic scaling without downtime
  • Guaranteed 99.9% network uptime.
  • 24/7 Technical Assistance.