Call centers, answering services, and data center services are some of the resources which are being outsourced by growing number of enterprises. It provides the enterprises much needed respite from getting entangled in operations that are not in line with their core business functions. 

Data center management and operations is an exclusive domain that needs full time involvement of expert software professionals and a significant amount of investment for building, upgrading and maintaining the sophisticated infrastructure.

This underlines the importance of colocation data centers and also explains why an increasing number of organizations prefer these services over in-house data center facilities. In the following paragraphs you will be able to understand the relevance of these services for your enterprise. 

Adoption of Colocation Services

Cost efficiency and predictability of hosting expenditure

In-house data center infrastructure is highly cost intensive since it is designed to service a single organization. If the similar facility is arranged to serve multiple enterprises, then the total cost of having a data center infrastructure will be drastically reduced. 

These economies of scale can facilitate organization of any size to improve cost efficiency and achieve predictable costs of operating data centers by enabling a shift from capital costs to fixed operative costs. The capital required to establish in-house data center infrastructure is extremely high. 

Moreover, in spite of investing huge money for building such facilities, many enterprises are unable to gain satisfactory levels of redundancies that are provided by colocation data centers. Then there are employee related costs in terms of their salaries and training expenses and costs involved in development of additional facilities in future. 

Superior uptime

In comparison with on-site data center facilities, colocation data centers are able to provide greater uptime levels to the tune of almost 100 percent. This can be attributed to enhanced redundancies that are built in into their state of the art facilities. A well established colocation facility can be expected to provide seamless power supply and guaranteed network with enhanced fault tolerance. There is also a robust protection against natural disaster with strategically selected geographical location. What’s more reputed colocation service providers ensure uninterrupted website availability even during the routine maintenance work. 

Remarkable scalability

Online footprint of enterprises can be easily and rapidly scaled up, thanks to the amazingly scalable colocation facilities. This allows the enterprises plan their growth strategies without any hassles. Execution of expansion plan is more economical and easier in colocation data centers than in the on-site IT infrastructure of the organizations. 

Assured support

With an unwavering support of data center in terms of technical assistance, your enterprise can be confident of getting any technical issue resolved instantly. The teams work on round the clock basis and respond to client’s requests through diverse modes of communications such as telephones, emails, or live chats. 

In addition to this, majority of colocation services provide fully managed services that include replacement of disk drives, and other smart hands services including cabling, rebooting and so forth. Customers can also rely on colocation data centers’ management services to look after OS updating, patching, and monitoring just to name a few. 

These tasks cannot be easily accomplished at in-house data centers unless the organization is prepared to invest heavily in recruiting expert technical staff. Moreover, the in-house teams need to be on their toes for 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. 

Instead of wasting in-house talent in performing routine server related tasks, the organization can use their skills in working on more innovative projects that would provide better growth opportunities to the organization. 

Compliant services

For organizations that are working in healthcare of financial environment, adherence to compliance is a vital aspect of their online activities. Maintenance of compliance at in-house data center facilities is prohibitively expensive. This feature can only be provided by a large and professionally managed setup of colocation facilities. 

DR services

Your in-house facility of data center is perpetually vulnerable to incidences such as Super-storm Sandy, which may challenge the very existence of your online business. On the other hand, Disaster Recovery services offered at colocation facilities can be relied upon for assured protection from unexpected outages. 

Round the clock security

High end security measures offered by colocation facilities are light-years ahead of onsite data center security arrangements. These include network security measures as well as physical security arrangements that can only be compared with security of a fortress.