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Listed below are our 10 guidelines and essentialities which you must go through before articulating content for us:

  1. The content must be crisp, unique, grammatically perfect, and definitely unpublished.
  2. Each write-up must be of around 800-1500 words.
  3. The submitted article or blog must be regarding the concepts which are fresh, well-researched, brainstormed, and must show your own self- opinion.
  4. We get more attracted towards those articles which are well-rounded with 2-5 original/relevant images with media such as infographics, YouTube videos, graphs and many more. Therefore, please ensure your articles entail them for more possibility of selections.
  5. Author’s bio with your write-up must be included. The bio must not cross 75 words.
  6. You should own at least one or more social media account. Please note here that fake or inactive social media presence will be rejected by us there and then.
  7. We do not consider content which is straight promoting a product or even a service. We have a room for those content which will inform our readers.
  8. We enable the comprehension of suitable external links in your write-up. If the listed links direct to inappropriate sources, the content will be rejected right away. In fact, we prefer linking with PDFs, whitepapers, and various sources.
  9. PLEASE NOTE: There should be only One Do-Follow link to your respective homepage of your website which is permitted in author’s bio segment respectively. Any external links in the write-ups will be rejected.

P.S: Our team has full right to include, exclude, modify, and update your content with respect to our guidelines and our reader’s preferences.

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