Everything in our life has become simpler and convenient because of programming languages and computer coding. The majority of tasks that we perform daily on the internet are possible because of websites and mobile apps. All these sites and mobile apps are built on different programming languages. Hence, coding is and will be one of the well-paying jobs in the current world. Coding skills are useful in IT, web designing, data analytics, data science, and other related fields. 

You might have a question, which programming languages will be in great demand in years to come? How many languages should I learn to take my career to the next level? 

Don’t worry, here you will get answers to all these questions. Whether you want to pursue your career as a freelancer or work in any of the popular IT companies around the world, it’s crucial to have an idea about what currently works in the industry. 

Here we will provide you with a list of some of the most prominent programming languages that will help you excel as a developer.

Let’s get started.


Python has topped the list of best programming languages every year since last few years. 

It is one of the most amazing languages that every developer should learn to develop a robust web application. 

Simple and organized codes make the language easy and quick to learn. 

Python is not only used for developing web and desktop apps, but also in other several domains such as GUI-based desktop apps, network servers, machine learning, and data science. 

 It is useful in building backend APIs. 

Also, Python-based frameworks like Django, Turbo Gear, Flask, etc. are used for web and TensorFlow, Keras, and SciPy are used for data science. 

 Python is the best language for beginners. Therefore, if you are just entering into the world of coding, Python would be the ideal choice.  


As per the survey conducted by StackOverflow, one of the biggest online survey community, JavaScript is the second most sought-after programming languages in 2020. 

JavaScript is interpreted and light-weight programing language, and has been made popular by the entry of frameworks such as Angular, ReactJS, JQuery has made JavaScript popular. 

JavaScript increases the code-validation possibility of the client-side to make sure that there are overlying weak points that can be exploited in the web application. 

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TypeScript was introduced because of the persistent need to enhance the performance of computer clumsy computer programs. A superset of JavaScript, it was released to adorn its predecessor’s capabilities.  

TypeScript provides a detailed description of all code components, which, in turn, helps in developing complex applications with tedious syntax. Because this programming language is so streamlined, a number of beginners choose to start learning programming with TypeScript.  

Because it is more advantageous than the underlying JS, it is anticipated that TypeScript might outgun JS in the future.  


Kotlin is one of the most popular cross-platform programming languages that you might want to consider to pursue a career as a developer.

 Kotlin became popular after Google officially acknowledged it as “first-class” language for Android App development. Owing to its similarity with Java (in terms of language), Android developers can quickly switch to Kotlin without the need to learn any more thing than what they already know. 

Additionally, Kotlin consists of native support and various IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.


One of the most popular languages for iPhone App Development is Swift. 

Being a general-purpose compiled language, it offers novice developers an easy and unified syntax. 

Swift has only become popular with its recent releases that helped garner attention with its exclusive features.  

Based on its flexibility and its use in practical applications, Swift might soon replace Objective-C as the leading language for Apple apps.  

Developers that have only recently started can opt for Swift, tune themselves with its syntax, and start developing iOS-native apps.  


Java has been long preferred by developers for writing android apps and computer software.  

Because it is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language, Java works on all sorts of hardware. It is easy-to-handle, has better security. It is easier to learn and implement Java than it is to learn any other language. 

The java virtual platform allows built-in java application to be compatible across various platforms.  

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Go is another cutting-edge programming language that is similar to Python. Despite being a system-level programming language, it is more robust than C++. 

It packs the most essential aspects of object-oriented programming and is thus one of the most widely adopted programming languages. This is just because Go is able to resolve problems associated with slow compilation and execution, most heavily distributed software systems are written with Go.