The perfect combination of universal networking, big data, advanced analytics and social media has transformed the global business environment. Furthermore, mobility is emerging as the brand new face of enterprise engagement. So the future will witness a rapid advent of digitalised business tactics due to the emergent SMAC code.

This blog gives a brief overview of the SMAC code and how it will benefit business firms in the future.

‘SMAC’ stands for social media, mobility, analytics and cloud. This solution suggests certain ways in which IT users and providers can advance further.

At present customer, businesses and technology firms are interlocked in a tight embrace solely because of disruptive technologies. As a result, agile platforms like social media, mobility, analytics and cloud computing have come together to unleash unlimited opportunities for everyone.

To tap its benefits, technology vendors have to change the way they deal with SMAC. They can do so by creating an entrepreneurial culture alongside next-generation delivery and pricing models. Moreover, talent that acts as a force of disruption needs to be brought in for these organizations. Additionally, when a company decides to innovate / develop solutions and products, they have to emphasise on tapping inputs from innumerable channels, mediums and devices. Such critical inputs will help them to come up with incremental innovations and ready solutions.

This is the reason why leading enterprises are now creating digital strategies for their brands. These are holistic and integrated strategies and they include consumers alongside enterprise ecosystems and channels. No wonder that evolving demands and behaviours can be now put into an effective use. This would help to increase sales, monetize demands, improve marketing campaign effectiveness, drive multi-channel commerce, enhance product development and in the end, strengthen customer engagement!

Hence, in the future, technology vendors need to work closely with users (by seeking customer inputs), so that they can stay abreast of some of the latest technological developments. Only then can they come up with SMAC friendly solutions.