People looking for hosting solutions for their websites often find themselves confused owing to the variety of hosting options that are available. There is paid hosting and then there is free hosting; shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting options are also in the line for further exploration. Opt for managed web hosting  if you are building a site to bolster your online revenue and profits, and you are planning to make substantial investment in it, but do not possess the expertise, resources or technical knowhow to take full care of your server and other hosting issues.

What actually is managed web hosting?

For a layman, the simplest definition of a managed web hosting would to be to entrust the task of looking after your server to a third party service provider. This allows you to concentrate on other matters more aligned to your expertise. Earlier managed web hosting solution was the term specifically applied to dedicated server hosting. This is still the most relevant application of term managed hosting, though it is not uncommon to see managed web hosting being applied to other hosting solutions like VPS hosting, cloud hosting, co-location hoisting, etc. 

If you do not have the knowledge to set up your server space the way you need to properly achieve your business objectives or if you believe that the time spent in managing your server could be more productively employed somewhere else, a managed web hosting solution may be an ideal option to consider. 

Why to opt for managed webhosting?

Two important reasons for taking the managed web hosting route:

Limited IT knowledge—some websites are popular and generate significant amount of traffic. However, the management may not be too eager to spend time looking after the website or as the case may be lack sufficient knowledge to carry out website related tasks on its own.  Under such circumstances they can take the help of managed web hosting for proper server administration.

Limited time—organizations may have the requisite resources but still opt for managed web hosting owing to time constraints. The time they think that is spent looking after the website and server administration may be put to some other use of more strategic importance.  Rather than devoting time to server maintenance and upkeep, they can simply outsource the job to someone else.

What services managed hosting solution providers offer?

It is already mentioned above that managed hosting is one in which all server related tasks are carried out by a third party service provider for a certain fee. Therefore if you are willing to spend money, it is important for you to have the knowledge of all the benefits that you will be receiving inn case of managed hosting. Some of the important services that you can expect to get from a quality service provider are as following:

• Backup services

• Control panel set up

• Software installation

• Troubleshooting

• Hardware and software up gradation

• Security auditing

• Server maintenance and on call maintenance among others

It is important to note that some of the services mentioned above may come as a part of the overall service package whereas some you have to order and pay for separately. 

Important benefits of managed web hosting solutions

Managed web hosting services are going to cost you money. This may start giving you a second thought about whether opting for it or not. However, you must remember that there are many important benefits and advantages of managed web hosting. Some of the prominent ones are mentioned as following:

Your firm may have a separate IT department with competent individuals who can carry out server related tasks on their own. Professional IT staffs, however, are expensive and you should try to utilise their time and talent to the maximum. The web host is often better suited to handling critical server issues because of their specialisation in this area. They can handle the tasks of server management and maintenance more efficiently allowing your IT team to concentrate their efforts on something else.

Firms often avoid managed hosting owing to the money it will cost them. It is though, often seen that administering your hosting needs may turn up to be more expensive than your initial estimate. Managed Web hosting providers on the other hand offer their service to a lot of clients and as such their overall operational cost gets distributed among making their services cheap and affordable.

Murphy’s Law suggests that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. There is no guarantee that your server will keep performing to its maximum potential 24x7x365. Hiring an IT team just to look after your server, 24x7 could turn out to be a very expensive proposition in the end. However, the web host have dedicated staff looking after your servers on 24x7 basis. Close monitoring helps them nip the problem into the bud before it snowballs into something bigger and results in significant amount of downtime.