Searching for the right type of web hosting is one of the most common teething troubles experienced by new bloggers or would be online entrepreneurs. It is recommended that one should always steer clear of free hosting providers. They can lead to severe technical issues and will seriously limit your website performance.

Understanding importance of shared hosting

All major types of web hosting including shared, dedicated, VPS, and reseller hosting can be categorized into two versions such as Linux and Windows hosting. Ideally, Linux OS based servers are recommended for hosting blog sites.

Shared hosting is the most suitable type of hosting for bloggers or entrepreneurs as an entry level option. With shared hosting, your website is assured of ample resources such as storage, bandwidth, CPU space, and so forth. It can suffice all the basic requirements of new websites. In addition to this, shared hosting is the most economical choice among all types of hosting.

VPS or dedicated hosting are not the right options for websites that are about to enter the universe of World Wide Web. The resource availability and relative cost of hosting can be unrealistically excessive for the actual needs of hosting new online ventures.

One can always move to higher version of hosting, provided that the website has outgrown all the available resources of shared hosting. Reputed and established web hosting providers allow ease of migration from shared hosting to VPS or dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting can easily meet all requirements of new websites and hence majority of bloggers begin their launch their online presence with shared hosting before moving ahead to VPS or dedicated hosting.

Choosing the right type of hosting

One should always try to optimize site instead of hastily changing hosts if your WordPress site is found to be guzzling server resource. Site optimization can be done by cleaning up orphan tables or optimizing databases.

Understanding and estimating hosting requirements is an essential step before deciding the type of hosting and amount of resources that would be needed for a website to run smoothly. It should be noted that hosting requirements are related to the type of applications that are proposed to be handled by your website.

In view of this, a shared hosting account is the most relevant option for blog sites that are debuting in the internet world. The traffic is going to be on the lower side in the initial days and it can be dexterously handled by resources that are available with basic shared hosting plans.

Cost effectiveness of a shared hosting account is the most attractive attribute for start-up websites. Shared hosting is the most economical choice of hosting and hence is preferred by vast number of website owners in the initial stages.

There is a myth that shared hosting adversely affects SEO. In fact, there is no relation between type of hosting and search engine ranking. This is also categorically confirmed in no uncertain words by Matt Cutts from Google. However, one must attach great importance to the quality of hosting services and hence the choice of a good host can make or break your online venture.

Key factors to consider before finalizing right webhost

There are many parameters to consider before choosing a right host for your WordPress blog site. One must remember that cost of hosting is one of the factors and is not the only factor to judge a good web hosting provider.

Although it is a hard fact of life that you cannot expect awesome resources at economical prices, you can at least hope for services that offer reliability of performance and technical support. It is also expected that you are possessing decent understanding of FTP and SSH in addition to other important features of cPanel.

It is always preferable to check the quality of servers that are being used for hosting your shared account to rule out possibility of an intrusion or hacking attempt. In view of this we recommend Go4Hosting as the preferred alternative. We would like to outline some of the unique advantages offered by this host.

You can look forward to greater productivity and an elevated computing experience with SSD Servers for storing your mission critical applications. These servers are regarded for netter throughput and reduced latency in addition to reliability.

Unrestricted availability is the most vital parameter of hosting and is the soul of your website. You cannot expect to gain any SEO advantages if your site is experiencing frequent downtimes. Go4Hosting offers SLA backed network uptime of 99.95 percent for an assured web presence.

Being carrier neutral facility, Go4Hosting offers you freedom to choose their preferred telecom network from broad assortment of industry leading telecom providers. This backed by enterprise grade hardware and networking equipment for uncompromised network availability.

You should also ensure that the basic infrastructure of hosting provider is up to the mark. Go4Hosting owns and operate state of the art Tier III data centers. These redundant facilities are supported by fortress like security measures for seamless protection of our digital assets.

Technical support is one of the most vital features to look for in your prospective web host. You can be assured of 24x7x365 availability of technical experts to resolve technical glitches. These experts can be accessed easily via live chats, telephones, or email communications.

You can look forward to a gratifying hosting experience by selecting a right web host for your new blogging venture. You can definitely reap great advantages of your shared hosting account if you are with the right host. It is always easy to migrate to a better plan as your site grows in terms of site visits and needs more resources.