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How digitalization benefitted the Middle Eastern region despite of challenges?

Posted by akriti.sharma on Dec 14, 2018 10:31:41 am

Digitalization, which has started in the Middle East, is going to present both opportunities and hazards. It is likely to generate new political, economic and security risks for this region. Having realized that national economies driven only by commodities such as oil cannot sustain themselves, many Middle Easter counties are now prioritizing the growth of service-driven p... Read more>>

Managing Intricacies of Running Databases in Cloud Ecosystem

Posted by Anees on Nov 21, 2018 04:28:37 pm

If you have finally made up your mind to shift business applications and workloads to cloud, then you must be busy short listing various alternatives. One of the most vital aspects of a cloud migration strategy is deciding whether to continue relying on conventional databases or adopt a database related cloud service such as DBaaS or ... Read more>>

Why Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Is In The News Again

Posted by Admin on Nov 20, 2018 03:36:34 pm

Numerous software-powered technologies have emerged at the compute layer. Prominent among them are containers, virtual machines, and hypervisors. We have also seen many software-defined approaches in the area of networking. However, when it comes to data storage or software-powered storage capability, we have not seen much progress. SDDC or ... Read more>>

Revolutionizing Data Storage With Molecular Technology

Posted by Geetanjali on Dec 01, 2014 07:59:39 pm

Recently European researchers have devised novel molecules which have the capacity to improve flash memory capacities. With this revolutionizing technology, storage limits will reach new heights which will allow the recording of massive amounts of data. This fete has been possible because of metal-oxide clusters. Such masses retain electrical charge. As a result they act as RAM which forms a brand new fundamental of data ce... Read more>>

Factors Driving Data Center Growth in India

Posted by Admin on Nov 07, 2014 07:03:31 pm

You might be interested in knowing that what is driving data center growth in India? A leading technology magazine, Communications Today, recently revealed that data centers in India are growing at a compounded annual growth rate of approximately 19.9% per annum with BFSI (Banking and Financial Institutions) and manufacturing sectors indicating the highest deployment. The mag... Read more>>

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