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7 unique ways to market your reseller host space

Posted by Swapnil Shukla on Jan 12, 2021 03:30:21 pm

Reseller hosting has emerged out to be one of the most demanding and unique kinds of hosting service. It is the only hosting service all around the world that allows its users also to earn out of their hosting server space. Yes, you heard it right.  If you are unaware of the term reseller hosting, then let’s get you all acquainted with such unique architecture. The server space provided by the parent hosting prov... Read more>>

An Exhaustive Guide to Reseller Hosting

Posted by Parul Singh on Jul 25, 2020 11:20:26 am

As more and more businesses are going the digital way, web hosting services are witnessing a significant boom. Entrepreneurs and web developers are leveraging on the trend and discovering new ways to augment their existing income. One of the best ways of doing this is reseller hosting. Having said that, reseller hosting isn’t for anyone and everyone. It necessitates a proper understanding of the reseller hosting space. ... Read more>>

Why Outsourcing Your Web Hosting Infrastructure is more Viable?

Posted by Priyanka Singh on Apr 13, 2019 03:59:43 pm

The business industry is quite susceptible, yet dependent on outsourcing, owing to the loads of benefits that float around. However, if you run a web hosting business or provide web hosting services or if your business circles around dedicated servers, cloud, and VPN plans... Read more>>

DDoS Protection Solution- an Innovative and Managed Approach for Business Growth!

Posted by Neeti on Nov 27, 2018 11:42:53 am

As Distributed Denial of Service-DDoS attacks have come up to be one of the most critical threats to online businesses, the security of the hosting platforms are getting highly complex and sophisticated to handle such threats across operating platforms. The hackers constantly devise new, innovative methods... Read more>>

Why is it better to Choose VPS Hosting to Empower Your WordPress Website?

Posted by Priyanka Singh on Feb 28, 2017 03:47:38 pm

WordPress virtual private server hosting plans are selling like hot cakes because they are affordable and effective at the same time. They can guarantee users greater control over their servers; they are flexible and offer high speeds. In VPS hosting, an entire server is compartmentalized to produce many virtual private ... Read more>>

Six Key Demerits of Free Webhosting You Should Never Miss

Posted by Manish Bhardawaj on Nov 17, 2016 04:37:19 pm

In this commercial world, anything that is being offered as ‘free’ comes with strings attached to it. How can a ‘free webhosting’ be an exception to this cliché? You may actually end up paying more than standard paid hosting fees by choosing free web hosting, not to mention your web presence might suffer irreparable damages as well. Let us take a lo... Read more>>

Does Shared Hosting Negatively Impacts a Website’s ranking?

Posted by Anees on Oct 22, 2016 02:43:41 pm

People who are making use of shared hosting or are on shared hosting plans often wonder whether it hampers their search engine optimization (SEO) effort and subsequently their search engine ranking. A VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting offers unique IP whereas in case of shared hosting all websites have the same IP ... Read more>>

Fascinating Open Source CMS Platforms- Knowing Which One is Right for Your Website

Posted by Anees on Oct 08, 2016 05:16:39 pm

There are different types of Content Management Systems (CMS) having diverse attributes. However all are designed to empower even non-technical individuals to build websites with speed and proficiency. Users can effortlessly store contents and other relevant information in databases and can easily operate user friendly interfaces. Following are some of the common benefits of Content Management Sy... Read more>>

Cloud Hosting: Paving A Way to Success

Posted by Taiba Fatima on Oct 20, 2014 07:30:15 pm

Cloud computing is gaining enough recognition these days owing to its effective attributes including, cost-efficiency and elasticity that it provides to its users. In line with this, more and more organizations are gearing up for this influential technology to implement. A study reveals that the companies adopting cloud for their business-critical applications will witness greater growth opportunities and those who are restraining th... Read more>>

Potentials Of BI Powered By Cloud Analytics: Part 2

Posted by Admin on Oct 15, 2014 07:51:08 pm

Analytics holds the powerful potential of identifying emerging business patterns. With its help, companies can now predict shifting market trends way ahead of their rivalry. For instance, cloud analytics helps a company to forecast lowest budget, so competition against deep-pocket teams becomes easy. Sometimes, business models are built alongside formulas which make use of information in brand new ways to analyze the potential of a c... Read more>>

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