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Go4hosting is a brand of Cyfuture

Gone are the days of expensive server systems and their associated tangle of hardware, connections & components take up valuable space in your office; burn a hole in your pocket! Time is for floating in clouds – not just metaphorically!

Shift your existing traditional infrastructure to the cloud and let go of the high overheads that legacy physical systems are costing you, with the best services from industry leaders like AWS, Azure & Alibaba along with Go4hosting Cloud .

Go4Hosting Advantages

100 + Certified experts in AWS, Alibaba, Azure and SAP
Industry Grade Security System
Cost Control and Optimization
Highest Level Compliances for User Confidence

Why Select Go4hosting as your Multi Cloud Provider

  • Professional System Design & Deployment Our certified experts hold deep discussions with you or your internal IT team to pinpoint the exact system configuration & resource requirements of your business. Only after evaluating all contingent factors is your system designed, tested & deployed.

  • Industry-Grade Security On Cloud In addition to the constantly updated generic & first-line-of-defense security protocols for Go4hosting Multi Cloud clients, we install and administer additional security software that not only protects your critical business data, but also reinforces your customers’ trust in the invulnerability of your services.

  • Adaptive Performance For Cost Control The performance of your underlying systems is driven by multiple factors including computing resources, space availability, and a host of others. Go4hosting takes all of these into account when setting the parameters of the systems, to ensure cost-effectiveness at all times.

  • Flexible Communication In Hybrid Models If your legacy systems require interfacing with the Cloud platform, Go4hosting implements suitable communication protocols that enable seamless connectivity with stable exchange of data between old & new system components, even while migrating your systems or after cloud adoption.

  • Consolidate Costs & Cost Centers Once AWS Cloud Services are put into action, the scattered or decentralized processes that might have atrophied during your business’s tenure can be consolidated, resulting in clearly identifiable, cohesive cost centers that Go4hosting can further optimize to rein in costs.

  • Future-Ready Cloud-Based Automation The intricacies of cloud-based process automation is an area of expertise for Go4hosting. As we, as a society, continue on the path to better living through adequate applications of technology, automation provides a sturdy platform for growth for businesses across all industries & sectors. The sheer scope of AWS Cloud Services makes them a formidable ally for your business. Explore how the massive potential of AWS Cloud Services can be best leveraged with Go4hosting in a streamlined process, cementing the stepping stone for you to achieve & surpass your highest ambitions!

  • Highest Level Compliances for Confidence Go4hosting maintains industry grade certifications and ratings across all its services, and builds your system upon rock solid standards that enable your business to gain even more credibility, by flaunting the HIPAA, PCI & many relevant accreditations to your customers, investors & competitors!

How we at Go4hosting Create a Multi Cloud Environ?

Transform into a future-ready cloud-enabled business, with EASE!

  • exploreExplore

    Map each of your existent business functions to relevant services offered.

  • ascertainAscertain

    Select the most - suited service for each business function, irrespective of CSP

  • structureStructure

    Develop collaborative architecture for more efficient performance with optimized cost

  • evaluateEvaluate

    Deploy your custom Multi-Cloud solution allowing unparalleled flexibility & scalability

Go4hosting Certifications

  • certificatePCI DSS
  • certificateTIA-942 -2
    TIER 3 Compliant
  • certificateISO
  • certificateCMMI
    Level 5
  • certificateISO
    9001: 2008
  • certificateISO

Our professionals meticulously estimate intricate nuances of your business requirements so that the Multi-Cloud solution we develop for you performs exactly in tune with your business processes, thus reducing costs and improving operating margins with immediate effect.

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