Why Cyfuture?

Find out even a single data center around the world which might be functioning without server visualization, we could bet that you will find none. Virtual machines are present as well as the future of automated computing.

Cyfuture VMs have always been the witness to the dominance of the server virtualization world. We have remained in the center spot due to our innovations, strategic partnerships, and rock-solid products.

We have gotten more competitive in the virtualization space with each new Windows server release and steadily gaining adherence to the enterprises looking for a desktop-level virtualization market or even the free server virtualization market. On the corporate side, you are with one of the most prosperous brands and we are more than confident with our cloud offerings with Elastic Load Balancing.

Sounds intriguing, surely it is. This includes the dynamic VM reconfiguration that is affected by the variation of service usage in real-time.

We get motivation by solving the problem of VM auto-scaling by employing load balancers. By adding VM clones, sharing the load and resizing VM. With our goals to reconfigure VM size according to the resource usage and incoming traffic in the most automatized way as possible makes us exceptional in this field. We have proved ourselves to be unique by rendering VMs that can be effortlessly controlled by the users like a piece of cake. They can very conveniently switch on and off the VMs as and when required. This will save you from hefty payments which might have been put onto one’s account very frequently from alternate VM based services.

Cyfuture VMs do not constrict or circumscribes your options of operating systems. You will be glad to know that we have provided for VMs running over multiple operating systems.

Currently, we have VMs running over Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, and CentOS. Starting from the small projects, we have VMs that can handle varying levels of CPU performance and are generally used for blogs, web applications or for developing and testing environments. For cloning to other machines or for developing software for other platforms large storage and more strictly secured VMs are suitable.

Depending on your requirements select the best plan from the myriad of choices we have. Then sit back and relax and let our experts take care of each and everything across the entire lifecycle of the project.

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