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SSD or Solid State Drive is an innovative storage device used in premium segment laptops and desktops. They are being used in the hosting industry at large to store data within their server infrastructure. There are significant difference between the traditional architecture of hard drives and SSDs. While the traditional hard drives are effective mechanical devices, SSDs are completely electronic as there are no moving components.

Due to high traffic and cut-throat competition in the market today, websites need blazing fast speed. SSD Server hosting has come to their rescue. Unlike traditional hosting, an SSD uses flash memory that enables it to perform thousands of input/output operations in a second. It can pick the required data quickly, irrespective of the fact that data isn’t stored in sequential order. This new edge hosting solution doesn’t rely on a spinning platter and an arm, like the traditional server.

Advantages of SSD Cloud Server Hosting

  • SSD Server hosting is significantly faster and reliable than SATA or SAS.
  • Since SSDs don’t have mechanical and moving parts, the chances of wear and tear are very low.
  • Websites hosted on SSD Servers offer extremely improved user experience.
  • SSDs hosting consume much less energy than the traditional hard drives, and is environment friendly.
  • SSD Server hosting provides a consistent performance.
  • SSDs are high durable and stable.
  • SSD storage technology is the future, for web hosting in particular.

HDD vs SSD Cloud Server Hosting

The biggest difference between these two hosting technologies is the mechanism they use for picking up the data. Featured with a spinning platter and an arm, a HDD spinning platter spins to pick the required data. Rotates continually as it finds its next piece of data because the data stored on the server is not in sequential order. On the other hand, SSD server is powered by flash memory which enables it to pick the required data quickly.

SSD Server does not rely on a spinning platter and an arm. It is resistant to mechanical damage, and consumes lower power.

In fact, ultra-fast is the main difference of the hosting SSD server instead of the traditional HDD.

Why businesses should consider Go4hosting for SSD Server Hosting?

Go4hosting has a pool of highly experienced professionals to provide best services to its customers. At Go4hosting, we let you use SSD to host all types of your data, be it your blog on one domain, your static website on another, and your client’s e-commerce website all from the same hosting account.


Our SSD hosting server uses RAID cards with battery-backed non-volatile caching that helps any data yet to be written to be stored in cache, in case of sudden power break. After the server is brought back to operational, in-bound data is then written and stored as if nothing had happened.

Go4hosting has over 300 templates readily available for deployment, you get an option to play around with numerous apps, and get your application up and running quickly.

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