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Colocation Server Hosting

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Focus on your core business activities, not on your servers. We assure you to deliver great efficiency with reliability. Your servers housed at our colo-centers are well taken care of for optimal performance.

What is Server Colocation: A Quick Go Through

Colocation or “Colo” or “Carrier Hotel”, is typically an arrangement wherein data centers rent out their physical space in terms of “racks” and “cabinets” to businesses for housing their servers and other computing hardware. Enterprises, rather than putting their servers and other computing devices in offices or in-house data center, “co-locate” at a third-party data centers. Providing cooling systems, power, IP addresses, bandwidth and physical security is the onus of respective data centers.

However, some colo-centers, with their extended services, provide managed services as well which help their clients' business drives.

There are multiple reasons why enterprises prefer “colo-centers” over building their own data centers, but the most salient amongst them is the CAPEX (capital expenditures) attached to the building, maintaining and updating a large computing facility.

Key Advantages of Cheap Server Colocation

The sharp surge in demands for internal and external IT services is being witnessed across the world. When an existing data center fails to bear the surging IT needs, or building a secondary data center is the need of the hour for the continuity of the mission critical or to support regional network, whatsoever the reason may be, colocation comes in the rescue.

Cheap Colocation Hosting Advantages Include

  • No CAPEX

    Through colocation, enterprises can save huge capital expenditure in terms of building, maintain and updating a large computing infrastructure.

  • Enhanced Performance

    Housing your server/hardware in a third-party data center gives you access to higher level of data bandwidth than would be achievable in your own in-house server room.

  • Affordable

    Housing servers in a third-party data center can be cost-effective as under this arrangement you don’t require to have a dedicated team to manage it. Also, it frees up your expensive office racks space with its cheap server colocation pricing.

  • More Security

    In a third-party data center your servers and other equipment are physically more secured as compared to in-house server room.

  • Low Latency

    With cheap colocation plans you may experience a low latency, whilst reliability can be reasonably higher.

  • Less Power Outage

    With adequate arrangement for power back-up, you’ll experience no power outages.

  • Superior Monitoring & Maintenance:

    At colocation center there are engineers available 24x7 to deal with any problems, ensuring uninterrupted services.

Why Go4hosting for Cheap Server Colocation Rack?

Go4hosting is a rock-solid data center services provider having three state-of-the-art data centers dispersed across the different geographical locations. All of them have been built keeping surging needs of our domestic as well as overseas clientele. They are under an ITIL-based control environment authenticated for conformity against PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOC 2 and SOC 3 frameworks.

All of our data centers are Tier-III compliant for critical power and HVAC. Each of them has N+1 redundancy which includes backup generators and UPS. In addition to this, our gen-next data centers are located in a weak seismic zones which ensures that your servers and other computing devices are safe.

Strategic Features of cheap colocation data center providers

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