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AWS Capabilities

Catapult Your Business with Amazon Web Services

What is the cloud? Why cloud computing with AWS? Why do 190 countries, with Bahrain the latest entrant in the list, use AWS? What makes it the favorite of more than a million customers? Which services to opt out of the 165 and more offered from data centers spread across the globe by AWS?

What is Cloud?

Businesses that need IT infrastructure but do not have the finances or the time required to invest in building the infrastructure, they use the cloud for a couple of reasons. Cloud computing means providing computing services like servers, networking, storage, analytics, and software, etc. AWS refers to the Amazon Web Services - the most complete and widely used cloud platform. The term cloud computing was popularized by the Amazon in 2006 while launching their EC2 product in 2006.

Benefits of Cloud

  • Cost

    No hardware, software and on-site data centers are needed, this cuts down the cost significantly.

  • Speed

    Cloud services are provided on-demand and huge computing resources can be availed in minutes with a few clicks of a mouse.

  • Global

    The option to scale with the cloud is highly elastic. Cloud can provide computing resources as and when and from wherever the client demands.

  • Efficiency

    On-site datacenters have daily demands from software patching to stacking and racking, the energy IT teams could utilize in realizing more important business goals.

  • Trustworthy

    Data backups and recovery plans in case of a disaster are well maintained by data centers to ensure business continuity.

  • Performance

    Cloud services run on globally connected datacenters that are regularly upgraded, assuring uninterrupted services.


AWS is Most Practicable

Services are provided for a colossal number of applications including machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) artificial intelligence (AI), storage, application development, so on and so forth. AWS provides more than double database services as compared to other providers. They run eleven relational and non-relational database services. There is not just breadth in the range of offered services but there is deep functionality too. For bearing the workload in machine learning, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud offers most Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) instances than anyone else.

Advantages of AWS

They release new features frequently. In 2018, this number stood at a whopping 1,957 new attributes. The innovation is carried out in the newest fields like AI and Machine Learning, Server less Computing, etc. AWS Lambda was launched back in 2004 which is an event-driven and server less platform for computing. With Lambda, you need don’t need to manage servers to run the code. In 2018, it offered 100 GBs of network bandwidth, the first cloud service provider to achieve the feat.

AWS has partnered with tens of thousands of entities worldwide and boasts of a vast customer base crossing a million. Startups, government organizations, and businesses, customers of all sizes and scale are using AWS for every imaginable case. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who are tens of thousands revamp their technology to work with AWS. There are more than 4,500 listings of software from thousands of ISVs, that’s a number greater than elsewhere.

High sensitivity organizations like the military and banks use AWS for it offers the most secure environment in computing. All the regions run under AWS use the same software and hardware, as a result, every customer benefits from the only critically evaluated commercial cloud. They use deep security tools for the cloud, and AWS is backed by as many as 85 standards and certifications for security. All the services from AWS that need storage of date from customers offer encryption facilities.

AWS has unrivaled expertise, safety, wisdom and, responsibility. It is an established name in the industry, working remarkably for the last 12 years. It is committed to its goal working as a cloud service provider that customers can comfortably lean on. With a humongous family of customers and partners and an ever-increasing array of innovative tools, AWS stands out as the top service provider.

  • Make different apps and services
  • Store, backup, and recover
  • Play audio and video
  • Data analysis
  • Embed intelligence
  • Build and test applications
  • On-demand software delivery aka SaaS

Go4hosting offers AWS Capabilities


You can choose us to avail of AWS services. We work in tandem to let you handle your business affairs hassle-free. We support the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) which an important security tool. It helps you create and manage encryption keys across scores of AWS apps. It uses the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 which is a US government security standard for computers.


AWS Software Development Kit or SDK lets you create applications using several programming languages and platforms. Some of them are Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, Node.js, Go and C++.

AWS Command Line Interface or CLI helps developers control cloud services by issuing commands on specified lines. It lets them create as well as manage AWS tools.

AWS Cloud Trail

This service lets the users audit their AWS account for risk and operations. It enables monitoring across the entire AWS infrastructure. It shoes account history, SDKs, Command Line Tools, etc., which is helpful in troubleshooting, security check and change of resource tracking.

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