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AWS Migration

Achieve Greater heights With AWS Migration Services

You may feel the need to move your data from one platform to another because you want to save cost with a cloud-based platform or the specific features that are critical to your business aren’t being offered by your current service provider. Go4hosting will help you make that happen easily with AWS Migration services.


AWS Cloud Migration

You would want to choose the cloud for speed and dexterity. It lets you spin up thousands of servers in a fraction of time as compared to the time taken by the on-site servers. AWS offers over 90 cloud services including storage, compute, data analytics, AI, etc. This is an awesome opportunity to make your ideas form reality in a matter of seconds as compared to sitting over the idea for months. There is not one but many reasons for migration to the cloud. Companies looking to increase the productivity of their employees opt for cloud migration. If you need to consolidate your data centers then migration to the cloud will do wonders for you. Enterprises willing to change their business by beginning the use of modern technology migrate to the cloud as part of their bigger goal to transform digitally. Out of every reason, the cost-effectiveness of using the cloud stands out.

AWS services are used by all kinds of businesses. For instance, in financial services companies like Intuit and Barclays, in healthcare Pfizer and Merck, in oil and gas BP and Shell, in manufacturing there are Philips and GE and, in technology, there are companies like Samsung and Netflix. These are some of the many biggies that use the AWS cloud for expanding and growing their businesses.

Reasons to Choose AWS Cloud Migration

  • The cost of Operations is slashed with the cloud. You deliver better in a more open and transparent way.
  • Team Productivity is increased because there is no need to keep waiting for the infrastructure as the AWS offers over 90 services that would otherwise have to be built and maintained.
  • It avoids future expenditure by eliminating the need for regular maintenance and hardware revival.
  • Operational pliability comes with minimizing the risk for your business and by the subsequent lowering of the risk reduction costs.
  • Agility lets you respond to the conditions of a marketplace speedily by helping you expand and enhance your competitiveness.

AWS Database Migration Service

It allows a quick and secure transfer of data. Source database is not put down and it remains operational during the transfer, thus keeping the downtime to a minimum for applications that are dependable on the migrating database. AWS migration can move your data from almost all known open-source and commercial databases.

AWS Migration Service are supported over similar and different database platforms. DMS is free for the six months when database is migrated to any on Amazon platforms like Amazon Aurora and Amazon Redshift.

Advantages of AWS

Source database need not be changed mostly. It doesn’t demand any application or driver installation. The migration process can be initiated with a few mouse clicks. DMS takes care of all the complexities in the migration process.

Any data changes in the source are seamlessly copied to the source, hence the database remains fully working. After the migration process is finished, the target database maintains synchronization with the source according to your choice, allowing convenience in adjustments.

AWS Migration is a budget service. The customer pays only for extra log storage and compute resources that were utilized in the migration. For example, a terabyte (TB) of data can be transferred for as low as three dollars.

AWS Management dashboard lets you migrate your database in minutes. You specify the criterion the migration services will take help of while carrying out the migration. Connecting the source and the target databases come under this.

The target and the source databases are ceaselessly monitored by the AWS migration service. If any halt occurs during migration, the process is restarted and the migration process is begun again from it was interrupted.

AWS Server Migration Service

Server Migration Services are sought when the data needs to be shifted from one server to another for reasons like security, and equipment.

Benefits of AWS Server Migration Services

Control comes from the customized copying schedules made for huge migrations.

Flexibility is achieved by reducing the bandwidth of the network.

Pocket-friendly as the AWS Migration Service isn’t charged for, you pay only for cloud storage needed during the migration.

Lesser downtime means you can resume your business quickly.

AWS with Go4hosting

Our team is an expert in AWS tools. We study your business and specific requirements and accordingly guide you in the migration process. Geographical location is an important factor to consider while migration as we need to determine the latency selection and the pace of data download and upload. We help our clients make all these decisions as our goal is to help you achieve that needed and judicious transition smoothly.

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