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AWS Cloud Security

AWS Security

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Security of cloud at AWS is not just important, it is a priority. Organizations that are very careful about security prefer AWS for its unmatched services. They get to scale and create the most secure cloud server platform. This happens within the stringent budgets of the customers, clearly, the costs incurred are lower in the cloud than those in setting up an on-premises environment.


AWS Security Services

AWS Security Services are comprehensive. You get a real-time judgment by their AWS Trusted Advisor which is an online tool serving as a customized cloud professional. A Technical Account Manager (TAM) is yet another AWS solution for customers looking for expertise on the technology across all the services. TAMs provide all the information regarding new features and in case of emergency make sure the issues are resolved at the earliest.

Advantages of AWS

  • Data is kept safeThe AWS puts significant emphasis on the privacy of the customer and has the entire infrastructure built to safeguard the same. AWS centers are very safe and they protect user data without any compromise.
  • ComplianceAWS has several compliance programs to play by the rules and uphold the reputation. So when customers choose AWS, some of their compliance segments are already completed.
  • Money is savedAWS data centers are affordable since there is no need to set up and run an on-premises platform.
  • ScaleAs you grow your business, AWS security scales along with it. AWS will protect your data regardless of its size.
  • Amazon Virtual Private Network has built-in firewalls. Even the web applications are loaded with firewall capabilities in AWS WAF. Encryption is customer-controlled and all services are equipped with Transport Layer Security (TLS). AWS security provides various connectivity options that allow dedicated or private connections. All traffic on the regional, as well as global networks of AWS, are encrypted mechanically.
  • A cloud needs to be 24*7 available and accessible. AWS services are capable of avoiding and winning over Distributed Denial of service or DDoS attack.
  • AWS Key Management Service or AWS KMS lets you decide whether to give the key management to AWS or do it yourself.
  • Amazon Inspector checks the system for added security. It inspects if the best practices are being followed. It goes through operating systems, storage and, impacted networks.
  • AWS Config is another tool provided to the customers to configure their management tools. It identifies AWS resources and then looks for changes made over time.
  • With AWS CloudTrail lets you control calls and give deep visibility into the Application Programming Interface (API) calls.
  • Amazon CloudWatch issues alert notifications in case of exceeding limits or when certain events happen.
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) let the customers make and manage their accounts and handle permission over all the AWS resources.
  • AWS Multi-Factor Authentication is a feature offered for privileged account owners that lets them make authentication through hardware.
  • AWS Directory Service gives corporate directories and reduce administrative costs and make the end-user experience better.
  • AWS constantly tests its infrastructure and publishes the results in its reports and it also allows its customers to do penetration testing without any permission requirements for a number of its core services.
  • Customers are expected to familiarize themselves with the shared security model of the AWS. While the AWS protects the software, hardware and the facilities that host AWS services, it is the responsibility of the customers to ensure the security of the unmanaged services.
  • Tightening CloudTrail security features is essential because it generates log files of command line tools, SDKs and AWS management console and if the attackers get access to the CloudTrail the first thing they’re going to do is delete the log files.
  • When IAM policies are created, it is advised to stick them to groups rather than to individual users to accidentally give excessive or unwarranted permissions to users.
  • S3 buckets must be kept private and no business, unless needed, should keep them readable or writable for the public.
  • Data in the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) must be encrypted for added security.
  • Access to Relational Database instances must be kept restricted to avoid DDoS, brute force attacks and other malicious activities like SQL injections.
  • The require_ssl parameter is expected to be enabled in all the RedShift clusters to thwart man-in-the-middle attacks.

AWS Security and Compliance

AWS Artifact is an online portal that gives users access to the security and compliance documents, also called audit artifacts. It consists of Service Organization Control (SOC) reports, accreditation agencies’ certificates from around the globe, Payment Card Industry Reports (PCI) and verticals of compliance that authenticate the effectiveness of AWS security.

Businesses using AWS services can present these documents before their regulatory and accrediting agencies to demonstrate security and compliance.

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