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Cloud Monitoring

An enterprise-grade solution that guarantees immaculate performance of your cloud applications.

What is Cloud Monitoring?

With a gradual rise in the adoption of cloud computing platforms, enterprises are increasingly seeking cloud performance monitoring services. Organizations need cloud monitoring solutions that offer end-to-end visibility into the performance of applications and help identify and eliminate emerging defects before they metamorphose into major issues.

As a renowned cloud solution provider, Go4hosting offers effective cloud performance monitoring solutions. Our cloud monitoring services provide a holistic view of the health and availability of the cloud infrastructure and supervise the health of your cloud applications.

Our Cloud Monitoring Features

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    Influential Event Processing

    Our cloud monitoring services process several key metrics within a short time frame. They also offer alarm scripts whenever required.

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    High Uptime and Performance

    We offer remote monitoring that assures our clients of 99.99% uptime and flawless performance.

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    Flexible Notifications

    Our cloud-based server monitoring tools offer flexible notifications that give an insight into the performance of cloud infrastructure.

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    Easy Configurations

    Our cloud performance monitoring tools are configured automatically whenever you sign up for a cloud service. They become operational when you choose a Managed Operations service level.

Monitor your Cloud Infrastructure with our Enterprise-Grade Solution

Almost all businesses these days use the cloud in some form or the other. Cloud-based platforms offer businesses tremendous agility, flexibility and scale to help them run their operations with ease. With the increased usage of cloud services comes the responsibility of monitoring them. Organizations cannot afford to have delayed response time, unscheduled downtime, under or over-utilized cloud resources or security breaches. With cloud monitoring tools at hand, organizations can track response time, resource consumption, key performance metrics and potential issues well in time and take appropriate measures to ensure optimum performance at all times.

At Go4hosting, we offer efficacious cloud performance monitoring solutions to monitor your hybrid cloud infrastructure. Our solutions enable enterprises to get a 360-degree view of their cloud and on-premise applications and monitor their health closely. We notify our clients instantly when the real-time performance of their applications does not conform to the expected levels. We dig deep to find the root cause of an issue and take corrective measures as early as possible.

With our robust cloud-based server monitoring tools, we analyze performance statistics, study growth trends and optimize planning capacity. We go beyond the usual performance metrics and drill down to transaction level and code level to gain a thorough understanding of the health of your application. Our cloud performance monitoring services ensure all the constituents in a cloud infrastructure work seamlessly to achieve the desired outcome. We closely monitor the traffic, resource consumption and availability of your cloud-based sites. We also track the performance of free virtual machines. We keep an eye on the processes, queries and availability of your cloud-based databases. We also measure and analyze the performance of your virtual network.

Data security is of paramount importance for any organization, large or small. Effective monitoring of cloud helps in keeping your data safe and secure. We provide cloud performance monitoring solutions that help to scan, evaluate and classify data before it is downloaded to the network. This helps in maintaining the integrity of your data and averts any malware attack. Our cloud monitoring services help track vulnerabilities and breaches in the system early so that you can take action to secure your network before things go out of hand.

Every enterprise needs to know what their customers experience when using their cloud-based applications. Our cloud monitoring services let you measure key metrics like load time and usage frequency. This helps you gain valuable insights on user experience and identify the bottlenecks that hamper the performance of your application. Enhanced user experience helps you retain your existing customers and acquire new ones.

Using our next-generation solutions, we identify the key metrics that really matter to your bottom-line and make sure these metrics are reported regularly. We provide a comprehensive view of the performance of the cloud by reporting information from different sources on a single platform. Like any other service, cloud computing also comes at a cost. Our tools help track how much of your activity is on the cloud and how much does it cost you. This allows you to keep your cloud budget in check.

Our cloud-based server monitoring tools provide real-time alerts on the activity of your cloud-based applications that allows you to duly add or remove servers to maintain performance efficiency. Be it SaaS-based applications like Office 365, PaaS-based databases like SQL or servers hosted by cloud solution providers like Azure and Google Cloud, we monitor it all for you.

Need more information on our cloud monitoring services? Connect with our cloud experts on our toll-free number 1-888-288-3570 and get a suitable monitoring solution for your enterprise today.

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