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How Do We Provide Such Cheap Cloud Storage?

It is an era of slit-throat competition and the IT industry has been untouched with the revolution. It is but natural to imagine how Go4hosting is able to provide the cheapest cloud storage India has ever witnessed. However, if you dive into the background of reality, you would know we have a number of things that enable us to provide the same level of customer satisfaction as does expensive cloud storage. Here is the mantra to our never-ever-disclosed cloud storage solution

  • Our Own Data Centers

    Our cloud services are not an outsourced one, nor are we reseller; but we have our own infra located in several locations in India and the USA. This enables us to provide cloud solutions this cheap.

  • In-House Expertise

    Whatever we sell, we make. From our cheap cloud storage to top-of-the-line dedicated hosting – we program every line of code in house. While this adds to cost-cutting, it also allows us to offer benefits no other host can offer with cheap cloud storage.


  • 0-5 TB
    USD 0.15/GB/Mo
  • 6-25 TB
    USD 0.14/GB/Mo
  • 26-50 TB
    USD 0.13/GB/Mo
  • 51-100 TB
    USD 0.12/GB/Mo
  • 101-500 TB
    USD 0.11/GB/Mo
  • 501-1000 TB
    USD 0.1/GB/Mo

Cloud Storage Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is the novel, emerging computer storage in which the data is stored in virtualized logical pools formed by combining several physical servers. In such model, the servers behave as though they were a single storage disk and not individual resources.

I am looking for the cheapest cloud storage for my business.

Yes, you are at the right place. We are the cheapest provider of cloud storage solutions. We have been operating these services for more than a decade and have state-of-art data centers for background operations.

Where are your data centers located?

We have several data centers located in India and in the USA. In India, some of our prominent data center locations are National Capital Region (NCR) Noida and Jaipur. We have several other data centers that have been successfully tested and will enter into service soon. We also run a premium class data center in the USA and all our customers can avail cloud storage from either of these two countries.

What are the benefits of Go4hosting’s cloud storage over other hosts?

Following are the benefits of Go4hosting’s cloud storage over other hosts –

a. Cost-effective

b. High uptime

c. Firewall protection

d. Automated backup and easy restore

e. 24/7 dedicated support

What are the advantages of clouds over conventional hosting?

Cloud services enjoy a number of benefits over conventional hosting some of which include –

a. Accessibility - the freedom to use cloud services anywhere and at anytime.

b. Collaboration – multiple users can collaborate for projects and the changes made by one user are reflected to the cloud in real-time.

c. High-uptime – cloud providers deploy a number of servers and mirror every instance of data over several other servers for high uptime availability

d. Cost-effective – cheap cloud services are robust enough to provide the same level of service one would get with an expensive dedicated hosting.

Will I get the same level of control with your cheap cloud storage as I get with expensive clouds?

Yes. As stated earlier, we have our own data centers. Other hosts are but resellers who buy from us and in turn sell the same to the end-client at a higher rate. We, instead, are offering you the same product right out of the production line. Moreover, every cloud provider has to comply with certain industry standards before he can begin selling his services. For more info, you can check ‘why go4hosting’ icon in the top pane.

Can I host my website in the cloud?

Yes, you can do pretty much everything you could do in a normal server. With our cheap cloud storage, you can safekeep personal files, create enterprise level data backup, host websites, run ecommerce, install plugins and have tons of other things at your disposal.

I need cloud storage for creating server backup. Can you provide one?

Why not! We can provide you with the best cloud server ever. Moreover, we recommend you peruse your requirements so as to have an idea about the server you would need.

Are you the cheapest cloud storage provider in India?

Yes, we are the cheapest provider of not just cloud storage, but also VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, CDN, WordPress, MediaWiki Hosting and a whole lot of services.

Do you provide uptime guarantee with your cloud storage?

Yes. Performance is one of the keys areas we focus on. We will provide you with a certain minimum uptime guarantee with our cheap cloud storage. We maintain the same level of service as other top names in the industry.

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