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Streamlining Data Center Operations within Your Budget

In this digital age, when technology is witnessing changes every now and then, enterprises make every effort to employ the latest technology to enhance their operations. But the adoption of new technology comes at a cost. With our data center management solutions at your disposal, you can avail the latest technological methods at pocket-friendly rates. We empower you with a team of seasoned technical professionals to help you administer the installation, processing and maintenance of projects on-site. Our services fulfill the business needs of your enterprise at less expense.

At Go4hosting, we offer comprehensive data center management solution that serves an array of technological needs of your business. We provide you with system management, hosting and colocation services that fall within your budget. We equip you with an immensely secure infrastructure environment. We have thoroughly competent engineering teams on board to make sure your workload is taken care of. Our data center infrastructure management services let you realize the full potential of your investment and help you serve clients satisfactorily.


  • Affordable, reliable and prompt data center management services
  • Competitively priced data solutions
  • Exclusive offers for valuable clients
  • Proprietary methodologies with no hidden charges

Capitalize On Our Cost-Effective Solutions to Take Your Enterprise to the Next Level

Go4hosting is counted among the leading data center management service providers across the globe. Backed by an experience spanning two decades, we offer custom data center management solutions to enterprises in all geographies. We have crafted efficacious solutions for countless fortune 500 companies, industry conglomerates and small-and-medium sized organizations.

We offer next-generation solutions which help enterprises carry out their data center operations with ease. We have tier 3 data centers in Noida and Jaipur to help us deliver immaculate client service. Our data centers are bolstered with world-class IT infrastructure along with an array of other top-of-the-line amenities. We have a robust architecture that allows an integrated management of client applications. We store client data in different locations to assure them of the safety and security of their mission-critical data. We offer all our clients a plethora of storage options to help them manage the data their operations generate. Our solutions also allow them to scale whenever their business demands.

Our tier 3 data centers have a six zone security system to ensure no unethical intrusion occurs under any condition. We have placed security guards at all entry and exit points of the facility. We do not allow any visitor beyond the reception area. Even the authorized IT personnel need an escort to accompany them while they are inside the data center. No employee is allowed without admin-issued photo ID card. The server area is provided with multiple levels of biometric access controls; biometric scanners have been placed all along the facility. In addition to these amenities, we have high resolution digital cameras installed at all key locations.

To shield our hardware components from overheating, we have installed a robust cooling system throughout the facility. We have PAC units equipped with intelligent sensors for effective temperature control. We also have robust smoke and heat detection systems to augment the level of security. To make sure our clients execute data center operations without hassle, we have created fully redundant N+1 data centers. We have recovery systems to make sure business operations remain shielded from power failure and hardware malfunctioning. With our tier 3 data centers, we are able to deliver an uptime of 99.97% as stated in our service level agreement (SLA).

Our data centers consume 100-200 watts power per square feet which is very low when compared to any in-house data center. We help you cut down on power expenses, which is one of the major cost while running a data center. We also help you accelerate the delivery of client services. Setting up a new data center or upgrading an existing one can take you months. With Go4hosting, we have a ready-to-use inventory to help you run your operations without interruption and expand as you desire. We have also provision for reserve fuel to ensure no client faces the issue of unscheduled downtime.

We help you mitigate business risk by offering a data center in a different seismic zone. This minimizes the chances of damage done by natural disasters. We already have data center operations in Noida and Jaipur and are on the verge of beginning a new center in Greater Noida. We plan to extend our data center operations in other regions like Mumbai in West India and Bangalore in South India.

Our data center infrastructure management services help our clients gain the advantage of economies of scale. We also assure our clients of round-the-clock technical assistance to enable them run their processes without hassle. Our data center management services include hosting, server colocation, data center migration, managed firewall services and outsourcing.

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