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cheap email hosting

Go4hosting boasts a futuristic cloud infrastructure that provides comprehensive email server hosting solutions for your business, bolstered by a technical support team that works incessantly to maintain a high standard and ensure customer satisfaction.

A Quick Look at Email Server Hosting

This service offers the enterprises options to buy, on subscription, storage space and security facilities of servers from Go4hosting, a leading email server hosting provider. Email server hosting is crucial to small and medium-sized enterprises (or SMEs), for it ensures secure communications. The larger organizations usually run their own email hosting service, but we are here to turn that upside-down!

There are myriad companies providing free email services online, but they are supported by intrusive advertisements. Email server hosting ensures secure communications, brand credibility, and trustworthiness, as well as featuring the company’s brand name in the email, which simplifies authentication for the recipients.

cheapest email hosting

Merits of Choosing Our Business Email Hosting Plans

Ubiquitous Access

Business email hosting offers flexibility and improves mobility. Your emails are accessible round the clock, across the globe.

Flexibility & Scalability

You get the freedom to create unlimited email accounts, maintain backups and access data both online and offline.


Your company’s name in the email address will highly differentiate it from the rest of the hoi-polloi.


Go4hosting email hosting services enable you to choose the size of your inbox.

Mail Monitoring & Grouping

You can monitor as well as group your emails within your business email accounts.


Your brand’s authenticity is ensured, with the name of your company suffixed in your email IDs.

Brand Visibility

You can use the white-level feature of a business email ID to put the logo of your company.


Business email IDs make communication more compelling.

Customer Need is Paramount and Affordable Email Hosting Solutions are the Key

Email hosting is a significant part of a business and we understand our customer’s demands. To provide you with ultimate service and to make your business even more profitable, Go4hosting has inexpensive email hosting solutions on Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra.

Add More Force to Your Business with our Email Hosting Services

Go4hosting strives to make your business shine using our customized cheap email hosting solutions from our advanced data centers, backed by powerful technical support from dexterous and pleasant professionals.


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