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Linux VPS Server Hosting

Are you seeking an incredible hosting solution without burdening your budget? If you are one of those business owners who want to keep a check on their expenses while selecting the VPS server, Linux should be your apparent choice.


To start with – Linux VPS server distributions are all free. All you have to spend is for the servers and not for licensing charges for the OS, which you definitely have to do if you select the Windows VPS servers. Additionally, Linux VPS hosting is also quite resilient with respect to control panels. For instance, cPanel is only ideal for Linux VPS. That leaves no doubt that developers find Linux more convenient and suitable.

Being an open source OS, Linux is quite acceptable to a majority of programming languages like MySQL, PHP, Python, etc, and open source scripts. Cheap Linux VPS hosting enables you to access other popular open source software such as Drupal and WordPress without any trouble.

A Virtual Private Server can be considered as a middle ground between the shared and the dedicated hosting.

Why Switch to Linux VPS Server?

Why would you even think to go for Windows VPS when you have cheap Linux VPS?
Of course, cost-effectiveness is one big push – but what else?

Most business owners buy VPS Linux because of the impeccable compatibility it has with other operating systems and software. This means if you design a website with Windows, you can host it on a Linux web server.

Linux virtual private server is also known to perform superiorly than Windows server. Stability is another aspect where Linux VPS scores more than other options.

Apart from not slowing down over time or freezing up, Linux VPS hosting is also known for not having any memory leak and for having better up-times than other servers.

Linux VPS server hosting is also popular because of the easy installation and network friendliness that further ensure a phenomenal functionality.

Cheap Linux Server Hosting is great but what makes it more remarkable is the set of advantages that sail along with it. These include – comprehensive utilization of the hard disk and competency to multi-task.

Right Time for Switching to a Linux VPS Hosting

So, when is the best time to switch to the best Linux VPS hosting for your business?

Maybe you are getting limited resources under a shared server hosting.. or,

You desire more control over your server Linux VPS hosting.. or,

You expect root-level access with the ease of installing and configuring the software that suits your business perfectly.

If you experience any or all of these requirements, you know it’s time to tap a Linux VPS hosting right away.

Cheap Linux VPS Server - Benefits

So, are you convinced to choose a Linux VPS Server? That’s good.

But are you familiar with benefits provided by the virtual server hosting Linux?

Here are some extraordinary merits you leverage on when you select the cheap Linux server hosting:

  • Free set up
  • Easy and swift implementation
  • Flexibility to choose OS templates and control panel
  • Weekly backup of data
  • First-string Intel processors
  • Limitless domain hosting
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Escalated bandwidth and RAM
  • Optimum redundancy achieved through 4-Drives in RAID10
  • Tailor-made set up of DNS/Software
  • Constant security auditing
  • On-time maintenance

Linux Plans

  • Linux 1 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 24.16/mo
    $ 28.43/mo
    Total Price : $ 869.76
    2 Core Processor
    1 GB RAM
    40 GB Storage
    1 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux 2 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 36.91/mo
    $ 43.43/mo
    Total Price : $ 1328.76
    3 Core Processor
    2 GB RAM
    60 GB Storage
    2 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux 3 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 49.66/mo
    $ 58.43/mo
    Total Price : $ 1787.81
    4 Core Processor
    3 GB RAM
    80 GB Storage
    3 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux 4 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 61.14/mo
    $ 71.93/mo
    Total Price : $ 2200.90
    4 Core Processor
    4 GB RAM
    100 GB Storage
    4 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux 5 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 70.06/mo
    $ 82.43/mo
    Total Price : $ 2522.16
    4 Core Processor
    5 GB RAM
    120 GB Storage
    5 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux 6 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 76.44/mo
    $ 89.93/mo
    Total Price : $ 2751.84
    5 Core Processor
    6 GB RAM
    150 GB Storage
    6 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux 7 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 85.36/mo
    $ 100.43/mo
    Total Price : $ 3073.01
    6 Core Processor
    7 GB RAM
    200 GB Storage
    7 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux 8 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 95.56/mo
    $ 112.43/mo
    Total Price : $ 3440.16
    6 Core Processor
    8 GB RAM
    250 GB Storage
    8 TB Data Transfer

Why Choose Linux VPS Hosting from Go4hosting?

Go4hosting is a prodigious hosting services provider known to hold an impressive track record of providing A-Okay services to 10,000 + clients across the globe. We are focused to direct our efforts in such a way that elevates your business throughput using unparalleled hosting solutions while trimming your operational expense.

The Company was coined in the year 2000 and since then it is increasing its customer base by offering solutions such as cheap Linux VPS server hosting, cloud computing, shared hosting, cheap dedicated server hosting, and colocation.

Unbeatable Features of Our Cheap Linux VPS Server

Modern Data Centers

Ultra-Modern Data Centers

Go4hosting flaunts its up-to-date data centers that are versed with state-of-art technologies and are highly flexible. To ensure zero breaches in physical security, all our data centers are under 24*7 video surveillance and are equipped with other security measures. This means that you can select from a wide assortment of network operators with an assured uptime (approximately 99.95% times).

Optimum Availability

Optimum Availability

What is your biggest fear while availing hosting services from an external vendor? It’s downtime, right? Go4hosting understands the pain and thus utilize the best technologies to make sure your website is up and running without any hassle. Intel® Xeon® E5 processors and upgradable RAM help us to evade downtime and offer you a phenomenal experience.

Highly Secure

Highly Secure

For enhanced security, we deploy different security measures such as biometrics at entry, dual authentication, card-key based access, logical security and so forth.


Flexibility & Scalability

Our data centers are extremely resilient and adaptable in accordance with your business requirements. We ensure to provide you with a seamless update vis-à-vis premium bandwidth, more RAM and storage.

Technical Support

24 x 7 Technical Support

Your satisfaction is our reward. Keeping this mantra in mind, we have dedicated and competent technicians that would handle anything to everything. Our experts will address your technical glitches, queries, and issues with utmost professionalism and patience.

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