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Managed AWS

Your Business Will Thrive With AWS Management

Businesses are as much management as innovation. With AWS, you get advanced tools and amazing services that reduce the stress of the customers to a great extent. Go4hosting offers AWS bundled with its expertise and experience of years in the industry. The decision to choose us for AWS will be fulfilling and that’s a guarantee.


Flexible and Easy

It is crafted in such a way that its users whether they are application providers, vendors or Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), they are equipped to safely and speedily host the applications that they have been running, no matter these are new SaaS-based or existing applications. AWS hosting platform can be accessed through AWS Application Programming Interface (APIs) or the AWS Management Console. AWS gives its customers the choice to choose their browser, operating system, web application platform, programming language, database, and other services. This lets them build new applications while keeping the door open for migration for the existing ones.

Advantages of AWS

AWS is not just any service provider, with AWS you take services of Amazon’s billion-dollar online capacity and unparalleled talent that has been honed for more than a decade. Its infrastructure is not just reliable but scalable and secure as well. Its cost-effectiveness comes from its accommodating plans and pricing. Customers pay only for they choose. They can choose storage or power or something else and they pay only for that. There are no long-term commitments in the form of contracts or any additional up-front costs. One can use AWS Economics Center for the detailed query resolution in this regard.

Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, and tools in AWS give customers an option to scale their application up or down based on their demand. Resources like storage and compute are provided to the customers beyond the limitations of time and geography, made possible by the gigantic infrastructure of the AWS. AWS makes use of encryption, software and hardware measures and operational intelligence to make the entire platform very secure, almost fort-like. More can be known about it from the AWS Security Center.

AWS Management

Amazon Managed Services (AMS) manage infrastructure on behalf of its customers and partners before they become adept at using the AWS. AMS helps those people who need some time to gain skills and experience. AMS implements the best methods to manage your infrastructure and in the process, it reduces additional costs and risks. AWS managed services has many benefits.

Advantages of AMS

Improved Compliance and Security
A systematic process is provided for improving security, conformity, and identity of the cloud. It comprises of the important job of compliance certificate aligning (International Standards Organization, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability, General Data Protection Regulation, SOC, PCI, NIST, etc.,) and an Active Directory Integration. The thoroughness by AWS makes it possible for the customers to put to reality their infrastructure, corporate or security and enables them to build solutions and software using their approach.

Speedy Migration to Cloud
AWS MS offers an industry-ready, certified operating platform, allowing customers to migrate their production duties in days as compared to months. AMS makes subtle changes to customers’ applications to make them secure and fulfill the necessary certifications and compliance agreements. After the migration has taken place, AWS is responsible for running the cloud, and for such tasks like alert analysis and responding to incidents, so that the customer can focus on the core areas.

Innovative Approach
DevOps, a set of software development processes that merge software development (Dev) with Information Technology operations (Ops). It is used to shorten the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and hence provide speed and rapidity while at the same time it works to maintain governance, compliance, and security. Enterprise DevOps is provided by AMS in the form of Infrastructure as Service which is a versatile platform and works well with most workloads. It increases the productivity of customers’ development teams and they deliver better and faster.

Managed AWS Hosting

Go4hosting provides Managed AWS Hosting, a service aimed at making it convenient for the customers to host. It eliminates the need for a system administrator for all the technicalities that are handled by our skilled professionals.

Advantages of Managed AWS Hosting

  • It is established in minutes and is also easy so you don’t have to worry about the complexities.
  • Managed AWS Hosting by Go4hosting can help you manage the server efficiently, only if you let us. It benefits the focused and the productive teams who would save their time and energy that would otherwise be lost to the management of a server on-premises.
  • The experience our services offer for the minimal price is unmatched. We promise to take away your headache by optimizing performance by our experience and understanding of the industry.

AWS Managed Service Provider

We are proficient at cloud infrastructure and the migration of customer applications. We value the trust of our clients and provide active monitoring, management, and automation of the platform for the customers.

Go for AWS with Go4hosting
We will provide you AWS as well as the assistance and support so that your transition to become a digitally advanced company is hassle-free. Our commitment and skills in helping businesses adopt the cloud to grow their businesses are excellent. Managed AWS is an essential service, it accelerates migration to the cloud, among other things. AWS Managed Services pricing is economical and as compared to the number of benefits, that outweigh the costs, pricing is jaw-dropping. Put your inhibitions at bay, let your guards down and join the bandwagon headed to the success mountain.

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