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Manage Your Database with the Creators of the First Commercial SQL RDBMS- Oracle

Go4hosting gives you an awesome database management service with Oracle Cloud. Oracle is a pioneer in database management and its products are top class. We enhance customer experience with our customer-friendly subscription plans and a dedicated team of experts, working 24*7 to provide assistance.

Oracle Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud offers SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and DaaS. These are branded software that are being deployed nowadays to integrate, build, distribute, and enlarge applications in cloud technology. Network, storage, servers, services, and applications are provided by the data centers of the Oracle Corporation.

Oracle SaaS

A complete, safe and networked cloud platform. It promises to revamp customer’s business, methods and experience. It is embedded with the ultra-modern processes and has built-in analytical, social, and mobile capacities. The Oracle cloud helps you shine by delivering to the expectations of your clients. We provide the needed technology, support and commitment to make your business even more profitable.

Oracle PaaS

The Oracle Platform as a Service is a comprehensive and integrated cloud environment that permits the businesses and developers to not just build applications in a cost-effective manner but also deploy and administer the workloads of these applications without interruptions in the cloud or on the site. This translates to openness, quality of choice and ease of use.

Oracle IaaS

Oracle Infrastructure as a Service is another service that can be availed on subscription as a solution to the workload-related troubles of the customers. It is an industry-grade cloud-hosted, managed and run by the Oracle Corporation.


Oracle Managed Cloud Services

OMCS delivers industry-grade, end-to-end managed services for every Oracle cloud technology stack. You get speedy solutions with prices that are prepackaged. Provisioning is faster with OMCS and accountability levels are high given the experience of seventeen years in the field. Sensitive data are secured properly with OMCS and you also get the freedom from infrastructure-related expenditures. Lastly, it protects you from platform discontinuance.

It is an e-commerce service that has been designed to specifically run in the Oracle Cloud. It offers many benefits in the field of e-commerce, it lets you manage inventory, view store reports, manage accounts of the shoppers, create catalog or import items from an existing one. Its web services Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow you to build custom extensions. Not only that, you can design the layout of the pages of your store and preview the changes.

We allow easy transition of businesses to start making use of modern and latest technologies. You get a dual set of experts and engineers, one from us and the other from the Oracle, to assist and support you at every stage.

Proven Capability: Go4hosting has collaborated with Oracle Cloud to handle an enormous number of Oracle configurations. We have the license to the proprietary software technologies, from applications to architectural designs, because we are a comprehensive Oracle Cloud solutions provider. We also monitor the services to ensure functionality. The applications offered are checked regularly by our experts to see if they are running at their best so that our clients gain the maximum advantages from the financial investment in the Oracle services.

Round-the-Clock Support: Go4hosting is available 24*7, the whole year. Our dedicated data centers and teams of experts work in close contact with the clients, providing them exclusive assistance. We also maintain our competence by keeping an eye on the market trends and on what our competitors have better to offer than us. This improves our performance.

Dependability: We maintain high network uptime and in case of any glitches our teams get down to it immediately avoiding further lags. Customized packages are provided to let the clients choose services as per their demands and hence reduce the bills of their preferred services by making them pay selectively for only the needed services.

Speed: Go4hosting with Oracle managed cloud services offer you modern technology that takes only a few minutes and some mouse clicks to get started functioning on a completely new platform as compared to the months that would be otherwise needed on an on-premise adoption of these innovative technologies.

Trustworthiness: Oracle Service Cloud is a state-of-the-art service and it fulfills all the security and compliance certification requirements. The eminent list of its clientele is a testimony in itself of its being a respected and widely adopted service. Businesses like Samsung and Dropbox use Oracle services.

Economical: If you were to set up the entire infrastructure on your premise it would not only cost heavy in deployment but in the maintenance of that facility. As compared, it is very convenient and cost-effective to get the same and even better quality of services with Oracle Cloud solutions. Through us, you get an easy and hassle-free access to the Oracle services.

Focus: Focus is paramount to doing anything and when businesses have achieved focus, their growth is guaranteed. When you are saved from worrying about the daily commitments of maintenance and management, you can focus and divert your energies to core areas of your business.

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