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Advanced Server Clustering Solutions

Scalability Meets Dependability

A cluster, as the name itself suggests is a network that connects two or more computer systems that have their own separate CPUs, hard drives, and RAMs. With a single host name and IP (Internet Protocol), it is a displayed as a single network irrespective of the fact that it draws data from multiple resources.

A group of such clusters form a server cluster that helps businesses in diverse verticals operate seamlessly. The main advantage of deploying a Linux or Windows Server Cluster is that if one of the attached computer systems fail to operate, the work can be continued on another connected system and the files and data can be easily accessed on any connected system.

Types Of Failures Server Clusters Can Deal With

  • Service issues including application software failures.
  • Electrical power disruptions and related setbacks that can lead to website failures.
  • Hardware failures including operational issues in the system’s power supply or memory.

How It Works?

The server that is a part of a cluster owns and controls its own local devices and maintain a replica of the applications, operating system, and services that are customized for a server cluster. However, each server which is a part of the cluster has common devices like hard disk that are shared within the cluster network. Apart from this, there is also a common connection media, which provides access to various hard disks that are a part of the system. This connection media is typically controlled by one operating server.

Server clusters comprise of multiple nodes but only one of them is operational at a time, reason being the fact that they receive updates separately. All nodes except the active one stay on a standby mode and they take over the operations immediately as soon as the active node experiences an error. To make this possible, all the nodes within the server cluster are attached via a shared storage system, which is known as quorum. This shared storage system is the database configuration of the server cluster and it keeps the records of modifications made in the configuration.


Benefits Of Server Clusters For Your Business

  • Scalability

    If ever in future, you need to grow your server network, Server Clusters can be of great help. The huge clusters of servers that connect to your business’s database and network can be scaled up and down, as and when the requirement arises.

  • Availability

    Since, you don’t have to wait to operate your system when a server crashes down, availability sure is one of the biggest advantages of server clusters. The businesses that avail these server cluster services witness a drastic drop in downtime and are up and running 24/7.

  • Reliability

    This is one amongst the major perks of opting for outsourced server cluster solutions. The uptime guaranteed by the backup servers make these solutions an asset for businesses across diverse verticals.


Server Clusters – Boosting Your Business’s Efficiency

Server clusters can be a boon for enterprises that seek reliability, scalability, and cost effectiveness, which are some things that every business requires to reach its full potential of productivity. Updating data of applications and keeping the system in sync to monitor, modify, and secure valuable information, server clusters drastically enhance the overall operational competency of enterprises. The main aim of deploying server clusters is that it isn’t possible to allocate multiple servers for applications that are running in a single business premises.

Options like Windows server failover clustering (WSFC) that keeps multiple servers as a standby, if one of the servers stops working due to a technical glitch or error; this ensures high-availability of the servers even if recurring problems takeover a couple of servers. One can still have access to all his files and database from the operational server that is working like a fallback in such situations.

Go4Hosting Server Clusters To Power Your Business Operations

As a prominent Web hosting service provider, we have achieved a niche in rendering business solutions like Linux and Windows server cluster services. Offering reliability and scalability, we configure application server instances to businesses of all sizes.

Expeditiously assessing your business needs, we devise Web server services that fit your requirements perfectly. Our spectrum of services are perfectly customized and absolutely dependable. Offering best-in-class server cluster solutions, we provide your business the required support to grow by leaps and bounds.

At Go4Hosting, we are committed to bringing together server clusters that can benefit your business. With industry-approved practices, latest technologies, and a force of exceptional professionals, we have successfully managed to serve a global clientele.

We sure are armed to deal with your hosting needs and we will be highly obliged to serve your business. So, get in touch with us right away and witness your business operations transform with the aid of our server clustering solutions.

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