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At Go4hosting, we offer state-of-the-art colocation data centers that are at par with international standards. You can choose from our wide spectrum of server rack space colocation plans at an affordable price. Our solutions let you capitalize on N+1 redundancy, premium bandwidth, and robust technical support to catapult your enterprise to new levels of success. Our rackspace colocation plans are customized to fit the ever-changing requirements of your business.

What exactly is Server Colocation?

Server colocation is the practice of housing privately-owned servers and networking equipment at a third-party data center. Such an arrangement allows enterprises to deploy their servers in an existing facility and frees up their office space and other valuable resources for vital business functions.


The party which provides the colocation data center service is referred to as the host. The host is responsible for providing power supply, network resources, server monitoring and maintenance services. Colocation allows businesses to manage their hardware efficiently while maintaining complete control over their infrastructure, operating system and applications.

Server colocation serves as an appropriate solution for enterprises that seek the benefits of an advanced IT infrastructure but are reluctant to set up their own data centers. Enterprises can set up their own hardware and then place them at the host’s colo data center facility by renting an adequate number of server rack spaces. Alternately, they can rent server machine from the host. The host is responsible for providing the client with power supply, IPs and bandwidth for continual running for servers. Once the servers have been successfully installed, the clients can access them the way they access a website hosted by a third party. In this case, they own the servers and other hardware components.

Colocation Plans

Starts at
1 U
100 GB
1 Server
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Starts at
5 U
200 GB
Select & Configure
Starts at
10 U
300 GB
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How can Server Rack space Colocation Benefit Your Business

Server rackspace colocation is an apt solution for businesses that have outgrown their hosting resources. In rackspace colocation, the servers are placed in a state-of-the-art data center facility. This obviates the need for allocating floor space and other resources for your hardware and helps you concentrate on other vital business activities. The benefits of server rack colocation make it a suitable hosting option for businesses in all industry verticals.

Here are the salient features of server rack space colocation


Cost of bandwidth

Colocation plan help reduce the cost of bandwidth significantly. A high bandwidth colocation solution is much more economical when compared to a low bandwidth in-house hosting solution.


Better outage protection

A colocation facility offers protection from any unscheduled power outage. All facility centers have adequate reserve power supply to deal with outages.


Upgrade machine when you need

Since you have complete control over the server, you can upgrade it whenever you feel the need to do so. You do not depend on the host to make the required changes.


Upgrade software when you wish to

With colocation services, you can upgrade the software by installing new plug-ins whenever needed.


Extra-level of security

All colocation facilities have a multi-tier security system in place to ward off any unsolicited intrusion or data breaches.


Managed services

Many hosts offer management and maintenance of servers for the client by charging some additional amount.

Is Colocation the Only Way to Go?

This depends on the needs of your business. If own a small website that does not draw heavy traffic, you may not require much space. So, it would be fine to go with web hosting services. But if you are running a moderately-sized business, it is advisable to go for server rack space colocation. Server colocation is best suited for businesses that seek to enhance their digital footprint without spending excessively on hardware management.

Benefits That You’ll Get from Us

Our experience in server rack space colocation helps us understand the diverse needs of enterprises across the industry. We appreciate the significance of IT infrastructure management and endeavor to offer our clients the best experience with our world-class colocation data centers bolstered with first-rate facilities.

The benefits you’ll get from us are

  • Go4hosting

    99.97% guaranteed uptime as mentioned in our SLA

  • Go4hosting

    Multiple colo data centers in diverse locations

  • Go4hosting

    Network-neutral colocation data centers

  • Go4hosting

    Round-the-clock expert technical support through multiple channels

  • Go4hosting

    Power backup for interrupted client service

  • Go4hosting

    Six zone physical security

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