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Six Zone Security

Holistic Data Centers with Round The Clock Surveillance

At Go4hosting, we have holistic data centers packed with adequate security provisions to guarantee a safe and sound IT infrastructure. We have measures in place to deal with security threats so that any breach gets handled smartly.

All our data centers have a six zone security system that guarantees adequate protection of your mission-critical data. As a result, unforeseen threats such as unethical intrusion, data breaches and fire hazards cannot hamper the flow of your business. We strive to deliver unmatched customer service and work to eliminate every possible risk that comes in the way of our objective. We have thought of every possible scenario where your data could be compromised and have taken all possible measures to prevent it.


  • Armed manpower at all entrances and exits for impermeable data center security
  • Entrance of the datacenter equipped with man-trap
  • Photo ID cards compulsory for all employees
  • Restricted access zone for a visitor (till reception area only)
  • Entry for selected IT personnel permitted only with escorts
  • Multiple levels of biometric access controls in the server area
  • Monitored fire alarms, fire extinguishers and fire sprinklers provided throughout the premises
  • Machines monitored through utility meters, switchboards and individual power outlets
  • Zones in the data center monitored through system generated data which is captured every minute through installed devices

Choose Our Data Centers to Safeguard Your Business-Critical Processes

In today’s ferociously competitive age, enterprises seek reliable vendors that can take care of their IT infrastructure while keeping it secure at all times. We at Go4hosting provide tailor-made data center services wherein clients can place their IT equipment in our premises. Depending on the demands of their business, enterprises can rent a rack, a cabinet or even an entire private suite. This practice of outsourcing their infrastructure management helps them save time, money and other valuable resources. By availing our data center solutions, companies get to enjoy amenities such as floor space, cooling power and six zone security without overstraining their budget. By delegating hardware management to a trustworthy party like us, they can concentrate on the crucial aspects of their business and thus augment their revenue, improve their profit margin and run key business processes without interruption.

Our data centers are equipped with all world-class amenities to help us deliver trouble-free client service. Our data center services are highly secure, reliable, scalable and customizable.

We understand that data center security is of paramount importance for any organization, large or small. As a result, we take all measures to make sure your data is not compromised. Our data centers are equipped with a six zone security system to help us fulfill our goal. Our facilities are provided with armed personnel at all entrances and exits. In addition to this, we have man-trap at the entrance of each facility. We have made admin-issued photo ID cards mandatory for all the visitors. All the authorized visitors have restricted access and are allowed till reception area only. Even the authorized IT personnel can enter the facilities with escorts only.

We have placed multiple biometric scanners and controlled ports throughout the facility to ensure a high level of security. Apart from these amenities, there are high-resolution CCTV cameras installed at every corner of the facility to monitor every activity happening on the premises.

Our data centers tours are fully air-conditioned to make sure overheating does not damage your equipment. We have separate hot and cold aisles for efficacious cooling. There is provision for up to 500 tons of air-conditioned cooling through PAC units. These PAC units are installed with effective sensors to detect excessive heating or cooling. This allows hardware components to run efficiently.

We maintain an optimum level of temperature and humidity at all times. There are smoke and heat detection 3D systems placed through the facility. We also have installed a fire alarm control panel to ensure your equipment remains safe and sound. By guaranteeing the highest level of data center security, we assure you of immaculate client service and let you carry your business operations without hassle.

Our data centers are designed to withstand all kinds of natural and man-made disasters. Spread over 25,000 square feet, these centers let you enjoy the benefit of economies of scale. Our data centers offer a consistently high level of bandwidth while keeping your IT budget in check.

Our centers also assure you of round-the-clock technical assistance should you require any. We endeavor to resolve your technical issues in the minimum possible time as promised in our service level agreement.

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