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SSD VPS Hosting

SSD VPS Hosting the Cream of the Crop

What is SSD?

SSD refers to Solid State Drive which is a type of computer storage device. It makes use of ICs or Integrated Circuits to store data. SSDs do not have any moving parts or physical disks like HDDs or Hard Disk Drives. They use a non-volatile memory so that the data remains even after the power has been cut off. SSDs are different from the conventional HDDs and they also offer many benefits. Solid State Drives are more resistant to physical shocks and they run without making noises because they have no moving parts. The time needed to access SSDs is lower than that needed for HDDs. As a result, they have lower latency. Their prices have come down over the years, yet they remain expensive when compared to Hard Disk Drives and these are expected to remain so for the years to come.

SSDs are not recommended for data archiving as they tend to lose data when left without power for year or so.

Compelling Benefits of Cheap Managed SSD VPS Hosting

Advantages of SSD over HDD

  • Solid State Drive is about 100 times faster than Hard Disk Drive.
  • Flash memory for storage and no moving parts mean that the SSD is more reliable and noise-free.
  • It uses less energy.
  • SSDs are smaller in size and hence they provide more hardware space.
  • It generates less heat which increases the life of the device.
  • Magnetism has no effect on an SSD while in HDDs data is vulnerable to magnetism. Magnets can erase the data on an HDD.

What is SSD VPS Hosting?

VPS is a good hosting option for many medium and small enterprises. It can be termed as an advanced version of the traditional HDD VPS hosting. It provides the middle ground between the dedicated and the shared hosting services, offering the features of both. SSD VPS refers to Solid State Drive Virtual Private Server plans for hosting. Go4hosting uses SSD for storage on our servers instead of the traditional HDDs. This makes a significant difference in the hosting service quality and experience.

SSD VPS Hosting Advantages

SSD Data Storage

SSD makes use of flash memory for data storage. Flash memory means better read-write speed and hence improved server performance. It decreases latency and the server speed is greater than the traditional HDD server. When the server works more efficiently, the websites hosted on it loads faster. Websites that load faster appear quickly on Google search results and it increases the ranking of your website.

HDDs more vulnerable

HDDs have moving parts and that makes them more vulnerable. They tend to incur more damages than SSDs. Thus in terms of durability and reliability, SSDs are better. SSDs are preferred by our customers because they build trust and have notable credibility attached to them.

SSD Virtual Private Server

SSD Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are not just fast but they also provide faster data transfer and bandwidth because of the higher speed of the SSD.

SSD VPS Demand of the customer

SSD VPS hosting is a decision that depends upon the demands of the customer. Although the content, marketing, and the way the website are presented to a potential customer is what makes the difference, the right plan for hosting is like a bonus.

Server Query Response

Servers that make use of Solid State Drives don’t have to read data by moving structure and that reduces the time taken by the server to respond to a query.

SSDs Harms

SSDs are less prone to physical harm because they are light in weight, they have no moving or vibrating parts and are structurally robust.

Why Go4hosting for SSD VPS Hosting?

We are an award-winning hosting company, catering to varied industries for over a decade now. Our cheap SSD VPS solutions are a hit amongst our clients. Driven by the experience and the expertise, we offer lucrative SSD cloud hosting. There is something for everything. We have clients from small, medium and large enterprises and the pricing has been defined keeping the diversity in mind.

Benefits of Choosing Go4hosting for SSD VPS Server

Support and technical prudence are our forte. Our technical team comprises of deft engineers who work round-the-clock to assist the customers. Our data centers are ultra-modern and all the equipment that we use is world class. This ensures quality in service delivery. With our tier III complaint data centers, we offer all the major hosting services.

Our Advantages

  • SSAE 16 certified ultra-modern data centers
  • 99.982% SLA-based network uptime
  • Seamless configuration & SSD Caching
  • Support for Windows / Linux Operating System
  • Perform data backups regularly
  • Premium bandwidth
  • Multi-language support
  • Scalable disk space, compute, and other IT resources
  • Dual Intel Xeon Hexa-Core processor
  • User-friendly control panels (Parallel Plesk or cPanel)
  • Security patching, anti-virus control and system management
  • Carrier-neutral data center

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