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Resilient, Scalable Infrastructure for your Key Business Applications

In this mobile-first age, creating an application from scratch can indeed be gratifying. But spending money and time on building the infrastructure to support it-not so much. As a technology company, we understand what goes into running an application. Through our hosted environment, we offer the storage and compute resources needed to empower your apps. Based on the specific needs of your application, we recommend the hosting model that may best fit your needs. 

We bring to the table a comprehensive set of services to make sure your app runs at peak efficiency all round the clock. Our experts work closely with you, helping you implement growth strategies the way you want.  

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    Why you must consider Affordable Application Hosting?

    Application Hosting is most commonly offered by the vendors as a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription. It lets your businesses run their applications on servers or if needed in a cloud that is hosted by a service provider. This service allows you to enjoy hassle-free upgrades in functionality, and easily integrate with their existing data and systems.

    Also, Application Hosting solutions come packed with several advantages, especially when they are hosted on remote machines. Businesses benefit primarily from it as it does not require them to build and maintain underlying software or hardware infrastructure. 

    Furthermore, with Go4Hosting, you only pay for the services you are using. There will be no hidden costs involved, which will help you save big.  By including managed hosting services in our services, we reduce downtime and provide redundancy against hardware failures. Cost-effectiveness and scalability are some factors that distinguish this hosting from traditional on-premises hosting. As you need them, you can add or remove resources in application hosting as needed. 

    Application Hosting Solutions Optimised for your Environment Deploy in minutes. Scale at your pace. Pay only for what you use.

    Why Choose Go4hosting as your Application hosting partner?

    Our application hosting services have been designed especially for businesses like you that plan to shift their applications off-premises into an always-available and redundant hosting environment. By choosing our top-tier application hosting solutions, you leverage our vast pool of resources and ensure high performance and nearly zero downtime, even if you have an intricate, resource-hungry application. In addition, you can rely on the power of the cloud to enable instant, on-the-go collaboration. 

    Moving applications to our secure environment also eradicates the pain of updating and backing up files-activities that typically eat up a large chunk of your resources. Go4hosting’s second-to-none hosting services make sure your end-users access the latest versions instantly after deployment. With your application in our secure, robust hosting environment, you can break away from irksome on-premises infrastructure, and expedite your digital transformation initiatives.

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    Our Application Hosting Services Plans 

    The Application Hosting Services plans come with a standard pricing structure that is based on the kind of services delivered, and the level of support and intervention the provider is required to provide. These are some of the Application hosting services plans that you can consider taking:

    Application Hosting Services Plan for Enterprise –

    • The plan features multi-tenancy for SaaS delivery. 
    • Separates virtual and clustered environments.
    • Manages and provisions virtual machines self-service.

    Fully-Dedicated Application Hosting Services Plan –

    • In this plan, you get SaaS in a single-tenant environment. 
    • Maintains multiple levels of compliance and security. 
    • A cloud service platform is managed by the customer.

    Managed Application Hosting Services Plan –

    • It provides single-tenant SaaS hosting. 
    • Features rapid provisioning and self-service management. 
    • This service plan comes integrated with high security and compliance standards. 
    • The cloud services platform is managed by an application hosting company.

    In addition to providing a wide variety of hosting services, we offer hybrid cloud hosting, which merges the delivery of IaaS and PaaS services.

    Benefits to your business

    Application Hosting Service is highly efficient, user-friendly, convenient, flexible, and easy to use. In order to keep up with the changing business needs and fast-paced culture, this kind of hosting service plays a pivotal role. 


    Managed cheap Application Hosting service is crucial in alleviating cost issues, removing the need for physical data centers or storage, and requires the least amount of IT personnel to manage and maintain.

    Highly reliable and safe

    With reliable hosting services, there will be no data loss due to power outages, breakdowns of equipment, technical faults, or natural disasters because your data will always stay safeguarded in multiple servers globally, protected against threats.

    Easy accessibility 

    Since all your data will be stored online, your workforce can access the files and documents from any place of their choice efficiently and effectively. It, in turn, boosts the customer response time and performance significantly. 

    Business Transformation

    No matter what the size of your business is, small or big, you will love the extensive features and advantages that come with it.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Application Hosting

    Application hosting is the hosting of your business software on an off-premises infrastructure-either on the cloud, or on physical or virtual servers. It is chosen by businesses to ease their digital transformation as they can outsource infrastructure management to a third party and focus on growing their business. In addition, they can avail of benefits like optimised costs, enhanced data security, and access to surplus resources as needed. Interested in hosting your business application on our servers? Get in touch with our infrastructure experts today. 

    We offer complementary 24*7 support with all our application hosting plans. 

    We keep your data and applications safe by putting in place advanced security features, including multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection systems, biometric verification, fire alarms, armed manpower, and so on. In addition, only authorized personnel are permitted inside the premises, and in the server rooms. 

    We get your server up and running within 24 hours of confirming payment from your account. 

    If you find your application slowing down or crashing occasionally, get in touch with our support personnel immediately and switch to a higher resource plan. The upgrades are typically done within a day. 

    Our servers are located in our tier-III data center facilities in Noida, Jaipur, and Raipur.  All these facilities are carrier-neutral, N+1 redundant, and collectively house 6000+ servers catering to 1500+clients. 

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