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Did you know that if a website takes longer than three seconds to load, 69% of visitors are likely to abandon it? Don’t let your online presence be a liability – invest in a website that not only meets but exceeds visitor expectations. Revolutionize the performance of your online store with go4hosting e-commerce website hosting. Our all-inclusive yearly hosting package is meticulously crafted to seamlessly align with your budget, providing a comprehensive solution for setting up and optimizing your online store. 

Take the leap with go4hosting that goes beyond the ordinary, propelling your e-commerce venture to new heights of success.

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    Our Cheap ECommerce Packages consist of:

    Network and server at the enterprise level– The most crucial factor when setting up an online business with an Indian target market is reliable web hosting on a fast Indian network. Even if you spend tens of thousands of dollars on design, development, and marketing, if your online store takes a long time to load or goes down frequently, you will lose consumers and maybe revenue. Your online store will run quickly and have a high uptime since we only use strong DELL servers with loads of RAM on premium Indian networks.

    Auto-script Installer– Using the auto script installer, you can quickly install your shopping cart and receive updates notifications. Installing your shopping cart software does not require any programming knowledge.

    SSL Certificate- All Ecommerce packages include a Rapid SSL certificate that is valid for one year, and we will install it for your domain at no additional cost.

    Dedicated IP- The usage of a dedicated IP is necessary for all SSL certificates. Dedicated IP addresses typically cost 250INR per month. The Ecommerce Packages already contain the cost of a dedicated IP for a year, therefore there is no additional fee.

    Cpanel Control Panel- All Cheap Ecommerce Hosting Packages contain the cPanel Control Panel, which makes it simple for you to administer your hosting. Your email accounts may be easily managed as well.

    Scalable – If your online business grows in popularity and needs additional resources, you may start with our entry-level plan and increase as needed. We will assist you in making the switch without any downtime if you ever need to upgrade to a VDS or dedicated server. Additionally, we can offer load balancing and specialized backup solutions for your online business.

    Affordable package- For as long as you continue to use our hosting services, you will pay the same yearly price.

    Expert Assistance – For all of our client’s security and eCommerce-related questions, we offer a free consultation. We think that if we can assist you in creating a safe and effective website, everyone will gain.

    Key Benefits of Ecommerce Website Hosting Solution

    Why do you need a website- Is It Necessary?

    Key Features of E-commerce Website Hosting

    • free setup

      Free Setup


      Free shopping cart setup

    • unlimited disk space

      Unlimited Disk Space


      Unlimited domains, email and disk space

    • compatible cpanel

      Compatible Cpanel


      cPanel platform with multiple payment gateway compatibility

    • Instant page load

      Instant Page Load


      Instant page loads

    • high data transfer

      High Data Transfer


      Higher data transfer speed

    • high uptime

      High Uptime


      PCI compliance

    • easy cart deployment

      Easy Cart Deployment


      Easy Zencart, Cubecart & OScommerce shopping cart platforms deployment

    • server deployment

      Server Deployment


      Instant server deployment

    • 24*7 technical support

      24*7 Technical Support


      24X7X365 dedicated technical support

    • network uptime

      Network Uptime


      99.95% network uptime

    • SSL certificate

      SSL certificate


      SSL certificate integration



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    Set Up Your Shop Online With the Best Ecommerce Hosting

    You website’s performance has direct impact on your sales performance. Downtime as little as few seconds will make you lose almost half your potential customer base.

    So, set up an online store with the best web hosting ecommerce provider ‘Go4hosting’.

    We, at Go4Hosting, strive to provide the best ecommerce hosting platform for your business along with end-to-end support for

    E-commerce website hosting is a platform to build online shopping cart and e-commerce websites. It comes with unique features and functionalities, including SSL, database support, shopping cart, payment processing and stringent security provisions necessary to run and manage a commercial website.

    Give your customers a great shopping experience by hosting your e-commerce website in a highly secure environment. We, at Go4Hosting, strive to provide best-fit hosting platform for your ecommerce app along with end-to-end support for Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Zencart, Cubecart and OScommerce.

    We are backed by well-equipped and state-of-the-art resiliency infrastructure to protect your mission-critical applications and systems.

    Best Ecommerce Hosting

    Where Ecommerce Hosting Is a Necessity

    What is Ecommerce Hosting?

    E-commerce website hosting is a platform to build online shopping cart and e-commerce websites. It comes with unique features and functionalities, including SSL, database support, shopping cart, payment processing and stringent security provisions necessary to run and manage a commercial website.

    Reliability Comes Next

    If your business is not reliable, no customer would return to you. And so, if your ecommerce is not trustworthy you would lose old customers faster than your acquire new ones. Reliability is the key for both business and its website. Never choose a host who uses outdated hardware and cannot guarantee you a certain uptime on your portal. All good hosts maintain a certain level of idleness and never cram their servers with too many customers.

    Instead, select Go4hosting’s best ecommerce hosting platform and bring home the reliability your novel business needs to flourish. We guarantee you minimum 99.9 percent uptime on our platform.

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    Best Support and Ecommerce Tools

    With Go4hosting you get to work with a variety of tools and choose the one that best fits your requirements. We offer a number of ecommerce software solutions that will come pre-configured with your account. Our team will then test and setup the best configurations for your ecommerce. To secure data and all transactions taking place on your website, we also set your account with an SSL certificate.

    A dedicated support team stands 24/7 and 365 days a year. For any queries, you can reach out to us either through email or over the phone.

    Ecommerce Hosting FAQs

    Yes. Shared hosting is the ideal choice but only when you have just started with ecommerce. At the start, you will not have as much traffic as an established business has, so, shared hosting will be the best platform to start a business. However, shared servers will only get you started with ecommerce. If ecommerce alone is your requirement, it is better to opt for an ecommerce-based hosting instead

    The best ecommerce hosting from Go4hosting now comes built-in with a number of tools to help you launch your online store faster than ever.

    Following are the steps to get you started with ecommerce website

    • Buy a domain name. If you already have a registered business, it is better to buy a domain with the same name as your business.
    • Hire an expert – the next step is to hire an expert, perhaps a developer who could start building a website for you.
    • Get all the paperwork done and copyright your business. If you already have a business and are only starting online, you can skip this step.
    • Select the best web hosting ecommerce platform and the software your developer is comfortable working with.
    • Hire a web designed and craft a theme to give a touch of professionalism on your all your webpages.
    • Get the developer to work and once done, live the website.
    • Let people know your name – social media marketing and SEO are two great techniques to increase awareness and let people know who you are and what you do.
    • Setup a payment gateway – you are probably not shipping all order tagged under Cash-on-delivery. It is essential to buy a payment gateway and setup a terminal on your website.

    First and foremost, get the best ecommerce hosting you can while still being inside your budget. Your business cannot be successful unless it is reliable and choosing a cheap host can jeopardise your business.

    • Do not rush-launch your business and spend some time studying market trends and whether your business had any potential or thrive or are you just drawing castles in the air.
    • Keep yourself in your customer’s shoes – throw customers a deal they cannot deny. The best practice to understand customer demands is by keeping yourself in your customer’s shoes.
    • Go social and market on as many social platforms as possible. While marketing, make sure you are targeting the correct customer base.
    • Go mobile
    • Keep SEO at the top of the list.

    Go4hosting is backed by well-equipped and state-of-the-art resiliency infrastructure to protect your mission-critical applications and systems. We sport multiple data centers, so you get to choose the one nearest to you for seamless delivery of your content. A dedicated support team is ever-ready to tackle all challenges our clients throw at us.

    We are, undoubtedly, the best web hosting ecommerce provider in India.

    Absolutely. Starting ecommerce is easier these days, given the cost associated with ecommerce hosting has come down within affordable limits.

    Offline stores are nowhere as profitable as online business. In an ecommerce you only need a website and a tested marketing strategy to drive sales lead. The low upfront cost translates to a high ROI (return on investment). You can utilize the amount saved elsewhere – in expanding business or offering products at a much cheaper rate than offline stores.

    Give your customers a great shopping experience by hosting your ecommerce website in a highly secure environment.

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