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With exponential growth in the amount of data generated, businesses, both big and small, are facing challenges managing their valuable but incomprehensive data, while trying to draw insights out of it. Go4hosting’s Big Data is a fully automated and managed service aimed at helping enterprises tap onto a cost-effective approach towards streamlining file dumps.

Get actionable insights into your data, no matter how big and complex, to meet your business objectives

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    Intelligent sorting. Compiling & Batch Processing.

    Insights, assessments, recommendations and prototyping on complex data queries.

    Key Differentiators

    We dig into data, filter out all unwanted info to solve complex business challenges on your behalf.

    Cluster Monitoring made easy with Go4hosting’s big data service

    Unleash the power of various delivery methodologies on big data

    Our services

    • Master Data Consultation/Management

      Master Data Consultation/Management


      Implementation and evolution of strategies that provide detailed roadmap thereby optimizing data quality management.

    • Big Data Pipelines, Implementation

      Big Data Pipelines, Implementation


      We’ll design and architect channels for analysis, streamlining all process and apps that depend on big data frameworks.

    • Cluster Support

      Cluster Support


      Support is covered on everything linked to big data and its updation including permission handling and policymaking.

    • Managed Clutter Analytics

      Managed Clutter Analytics


      We make extraction and management easier by enabling infrastructure setup and service-level support.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Big data describes enormously huge volumes of data, structured or unstructured, inundated with information that cannot be concluded without proper analytics technique.

    You need Big Data Service to manage, export and get expert’s insights into extensive data clusters.

    Yes, you can use big data services for AI and ML deployments.

    Service charges vary on how extensive and cluttered your data clusters are.

    Go4hosting’s big data service will sift through your files and classify them according to their use-cases. The insights that you will then get will help you boost your business.

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