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When it comes to outsourcing your IT hardware management, Go4hosting is your trusted partner. Having been at the forefront of technological innovation for 20+ years, we have the acumen and capabilities needed to design a solution aligned with the unique needs of your project.

Our world-class colocation rack space services confer on you the freedom to focus on mission-critical functions and keep up with today’s fickle business environment. We further simplify infrastructure management by enabling you to overcome challenges involving capital expenditure, security, compliance, and underutilization of resources, while retaining control of your IT environment.

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    Catapult to new heights with Go4hosting’s tier-III facilities

    Lease quarter, half, or full rack of space in any of our data centers and do away with the hassle of building and managing a private facility.

    Quarter Rack Colocation: A quarter rack is a section of a full cabinet, comprising of 10U of space. (1U is equal to 19 inches in width*36 inches in depth*1.75 inches in height). A quarter rack comes with its own lock security, and can be accessed by your staff members only. Quarter racks are suitable for small businesses with average data management requirements.

    Half Rack Colocation: A notch above the quarter rack, half rack colocation offers adequate space for small-and-medium-sized businesses with above-average data management needs. A half rack offers around 20U of theoretical space, with 18-19 units of practical space. Like a quarter rack, a half rack allows you to house your servers and other equipment in your private space with locked front and rear doors.

    Full Rack Colocation: Appropriate for medium-to-large-sized businesses with demanding needs, full rack colocation provides a large amount of space at cost-effective rates. A full rack offers anywhere between 38 and 40U of space, so you don’t need to lease more space unless your data demands spike. Go4hosting offers fully-customizable full rack packages that can be fine-tuned to your needs.

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    Key Deliverables of our Colocation Rack Space Service

    • N+1 Redundancy: Every component in the data center has at least one backup component. There is provision for surplus power, cooling, and bandwidth. This means your business keeps up and running even when a power supply is down or cooling equipment isn’t working.

    • Carrier-Neutrality: We aren’t tied to just one telecommunication and internet service provider. Being able to connect with multiple service providers not only slashes the overall cost of your colocation service but also lets you enjoy high uptime and premium-quality service.

    • Award-winning Support: We have trusted experts available on the premises all round the clock to implement an array of support and compliance tasks, so you don’t need to drive down to the data center facility to fix every little issue.

    • Multi-layer Security: Multi-layered security is offered through a combination of high-resolution surveillance cameras, fire alarms, biometric access, private cages, and armed manpower. We do not allow anyone without proper credentials to enter our facility.

    • SLA-backed 99.95% Uptime: 99.95% uptime is stipulated in our service level agreement (SLA) and backed by our resilient infrastructure. Our network operations center (NOC) tracks your server infrastructure every couple of minutes.

    • Climate Control: Maintaining optimal cooling and humidity levels is critical to the uninterrupted running of your servers. At Go4hosting, we monitor temperature and humidity proactively, owing to our dedicated HVAC systems.

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