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Go4hosting’s servers with modular architecture and advanced caching offer exceptional streaming experiences, helping you connect seamlessly with users. Easy-to-use, our high-performing servers can scale quickly to handle a massive audience-perfect for delivering high-quality live video, Video on Demand (VoD), and OTT content. So, whether you are an avid gamer looking to host private gaming sessions or a YouTuber aiming to expand your online presence, our solution will benefit you immensely. Choose our Cheap streaming server hosting services for an immaculate experience-no matter the device or scale.

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    Choose from our Wide Range of Streaming Server Options

    • VPS Streaming Server

      VPS Streaming Server


      Need reliable performance in a budget? VPS streaming servers are better and faster than the free ones. Besides, you can stream multiple pieces at any point in time.

    • Dedicated Streaming Server

      Dedicated Streaming Server


      Our dedicated streaming server hosting solutions are robust enough to support millions of requests. Perfect for OTT platforms, these dedicated servers are used widely by all leading OTT platforms.

    • Cloud Streaming Server

      Cloud Streaming Server


      Great for travel vloggers, Go4hosting’s cloud streaming server hosting enables you to connect with the audience all round the clock, regardless of where you are.

    • Streaming Server for YouTube

      Streaming Server for YouTube


      Transcend the barriers of traditional YouTube streaming by creating your own customized streaming server and defining your own rules.

    Why our Streaming Servers are the Perfect Choice for your Business?


    Our cheap video streaming servers are optimized to deliver unrivalled user experience, allowing you to broaden your digital footprint with ease. At Go4hosting, we let you fine-tune your streaming server the way you want. As a result, you can create stand-alone instances, clusters or edge servers to meet your precise requirements. Our implementation options are also flexible-you can implement your streaming on a virtualized or dedicated server or on Docker containers, however you deem fit.

    In addition, these servers are integrated with all the top streaming services and CDNs including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, TATA Communications, and Akamai. This means you can reach users in any corner of the world, wherever they may be located. Besides, we have put in place a ‘pay-as-you-use’ policy on our streaming solutions, so you pay only for what you actually use and cut down on your operational expenses.

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    Streaming Server Hosting FAQ's

    A video streaming server is the one that helps deliver live or on-demand video content directly to your audience. Streaming servers are similar to any other kind of server, except for the fact that they deliver video code to the end-user instead of files and text.

    If you are someone who regularly creates and uploads high-quality videos and has a large user base, dedicated servers are a great fit for you. Otherwise, a VPS will also serve the purpose.

    A video streaming server works like a typical server. The end-user is given a login ID and password that lets him access personalized video content. When the user clicks on any of the videos in his browser, the streaming server receives a request. Upon verification, the server sends back the file to the browser.

    If you have access to a private streaming server, you can ask the users to pay the subscription fee. Once this is done, you can share login credentials with users who have made the payment, and then sync the video stream between the server and the browser.

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