Half Rack Colocation Hosting

Half Rack Colocation Hosting/ Half Cabinet Colocation with unlimited bandwidth

No muss, no fuss colocation, backed up by our friendly staff of skilled specialists. With Half Rack Colocation Hosting, you can easily access your servers from Tier 4 DC. Our Half Rack Colocation Services provide high bandwidth, 100 percent uptime, and 24 hour security at a low cost in India.

Half Rack Colocation (21U)

With a half rack colocation package, often known as 21U colocation, Go4hosting provides you the flexibility you need. Our half rack colocation hosting of useful rack space is securely secured in a state-of-the-art half rack system, saving you the exorbitant monthly fees that generally come with the full cabinet kind.

Additionally, 21U colocation clients have direct access to our extensive network of over 200 top-tier internet bandwidth providers, allowing them to choose the capacity that best suits their needs and specifications. Go4hosting’s 21U colocation hosting package is suitable for enterprises wanting flexibility and scalability, with 22 Tier 3 or higher data centers around the country. There’s no need to be concerned; our half racks are secure.

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    Half Cabinet Features

    Copper and fiber connections that have been installed and are ready to use

    For decreased cross connect installation intervals, the CoreSite standard demarcation point offers 6x Cat6 RJ45 ports and 12-strand SMFO cables.

    hardware for mounting

    Cabinet mounting and bracing equipment complies with local construction requirements, including seismically certified mounts and bracing as needed.

    Panels for obscuring

    Covers open RU areas in IT racks to prevent hot and cold air from mixing together.

    Securing doors

    On the front and back doors of each cabinet, there is a three-digit combination lock.

    Half Cabinet Colocation: What to Look for

    Go4hosting provides cabinet colocation solutions that meet Tier 3 / 4 Uptime Institution criteria, ensuring the greatest levels of availability and dependability. To provide you the best peace of mind, we additionally provide a 100% uptime SLA.

    Customized cabinet security and many levels of physical protection within the facility are part of our robust compliance colocation solution. Biometrics and card readers are used in Go4hosting cabinet colocation for dual authentication. We also have onsite security professionals that are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Remote/smart hands service with 24/7 NOC assistance is provided by Go4hosting’s solution. Your IT personnel won’t have to travel to the data center to reboot a server.

    Go4hosting can meet your growing needs whether you choose a cage, half rack, or full rack colocation solution. We’ll help you evaluate the characteristics of each choice so you can select the one that best meets your needs and matches your budget.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A: Colocation, also known as colocation hosting, is a highly secure data center facility where organizations may acquire equipment, servers, space, and bandwidth. Colocation is a data center facility where businesses may rent space to host their servers and benefit from increased security and uptime guarantees.

    A: The distinction between dedicated servers and colocation is straightforward. Colocation is the process of locating your servers in a third-party data center in order to provide a more secure and managed infrastructure. Dedicated servers give you the freedom to lease or own the entire server, whereas colocation is the process of locating your servers in a third-party data center in order to provide a more secure and managed infrastructure.

    A: The way data is managed and stored is the major distinction between cloud and colocation. In the cloud, the cloud provider owns the servers and data is managed virtually. Servers in colocation are not owned by the colocation facility, but rather by the company leasing the space.

    A: Web hosting is a service that allows web-browser clients to easily access electronic material on the Internet by hosting/posting web-server programmes (website or web page) on a computer system. Virtual or shared hosting options are available. Dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting that allows you to have Hosting on a shared space.

    A: The cost of colocation is mostly influenced by the amount of physical space that must be hired. Rack units (U) or per square foot are used to quantify physical space. One U equals 1.75 inches in height and can cost anything from $50 to $300 each month.

    A: Edge data centers are tiny data centers that are situated closer to users and devices at the network’s edge. Because enterprises don’t have to transport data to far-flung data centres to process it, having computational capacity at the edge allows quicker performance and reduced latency.

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