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go4hosting’s cheap bare metal server delivers an optimal isolation environment with robust control and heightened visibility tailored for enterprise-level applications. Our servers are designed to support a wide range of web apps that demand high memory space, threads and core counts. 

Build a cloud environment with exceptional performance with our bare metal server hosting.

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    Understanding Bare Metal Servers

    Unlike virtualized environments, cheap bare metal servers operate without the layer of virtualization. They are physical servers dedicated to a single tenant, providing exclusive access to all hardware resources. This direct access to raw computing power sets bare metal servers apart, making them an ideal choice for resource-intensive workloads.

    One Bare Metal Server. Endless Choices.

    Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

    Bare Metal cloud server hosting offers stringent performance and control. These committed, entirely physical servers grant exclusive access, devoid of hypervisor or overlying applications. With no virtualization, you can optimize, customize, and scale your infrastructure as needed. Thus making it an ideal choice for resource-intensive tasks and high-performance computing.


    Virtual Private Servers

    Servers with hypervisors (type I) and root-level access to quickly move your commercial web apps online. Type I hypervisors are installed directly on the server hardware, ensuring efficient resource utilization and isolation for multiple virtual machines. You will have complete administrative control. Thus enabling you to configure and manage your web applications.


    Explore Our Bare Metal Server Hosting

    Bare Metal Server Hosting: Facilitating High-Performance Tasks

    Game Servers

    Gamers crave uninterrupted performance, and cheap bare metal server solutions deliver precisely that. By providing dedicated hardware resources, it eliminates latency and scalability concerns. Thus ensuring a flawless gaming experience.

    Application Development

    DevOps teams can accelerate application development, testing, and deployment with bare metal servers. With root-level access and cloud-native architecture, an array of containerization and infrastructure is treated as code. Thus making development faster and more efficient.

    AI & Machine Learning Excellence

    Bare metal cloud empowers AI, ML, and NLP algorithms with root-level access to server resources. This optimization is crucial for training machine learning models to deliver top-notch performance.

    Big Data Challenges

    For big data processing, bare metal server hosting reigns supreme. There’s no unnecessary virtualization overhead. Thus ensuring all resources are dedicated to running analytics applications, extracting valuable insights, and tackling big data head-on.

    State-of-the-art Bare Metals ServerFor your business’s digital transformation

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    Bare metals server at the price of clouds. Why host elsewhere?

    6 reasons your next assignment should be on bare metals cloud servers

    • Complete Control

      Complete ControlRun high performance, specialized, latency-sensitive workloads directly on your server, with complete control of the underlying hardware.

    • No Agent/hypervisor

      No Agent/hypervisorIncreased security and performance with absolute isolation and raw server with no agents or hypervisors installed whatsoever.

    • Single Tenancy

      Single TenancyAll bare metals are strictly single-tenant systems, and are committed to you and your use only.

    • Cost-Effective

      Cost-EffectiveDeploy apps and migrate your workloads to cloud-based bare metals and cut down on costs, like you were hosting on the cloud.

    • Memory-optimized

      Memory-optimizedEach server is assembled specifically for your use case and maintain a strict, memory-optimized specification for your business

    • 20+ distros

      20+ distrosChoose from more than 2 dozen distros and have them installed on a compatible machine that meets minimum installation requirements.

    Why Go4hosting?

    We guarantee you the maximum performance and scalability possible with bare metal cloud Server.

    • Scale in a click

      Scale in a clickAt go4hosting, we empower you to scale your resources online effortlessly. Hence allowing you to adapt to changing demands in just a click. Whether you need to expand or reduce your infrastructure, our platform makes it simple and swift.

    • We’re listening

      We’re listening Your concerns are always a top priority for us. Our 24/7 support team is available 365 days a year. Thus ensuring that you receive assistance and guidance whenever you need it.

    • Budget-friendly

      Budget-friendly We understand that different businesses have varying budgets. That's why we offer a range of cheap bare metal servers solutions to fit every wallet. You can choose the right plan that aligns with your financial resources.

    • PCI-DSS Compliant

      PCI-DSS Compliant Security is paramount in the digital age, right? We are proud to be PCI-DSS compliant. Hence ensuring that your transaction details, as well as your sensitive data, are kept safe and secure.

    • Constant Vigilance

      Constant VigilanceWe constantly monitor and safeguard your hosting environment. With go4hosting, you have a vigilant partner who proactively looks for potential issues. Thus helping you maintain a stable and reliable online presence.

    • Launch-ready

      Launch-readyWhether you're starting a new project or migrating an existing one, we offer launch-ready solutions that simplify the process. Get your web applications & services up with our support.

    Not quite sure

    Not quite sure

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    Bare Metal Cloud: FAQs

    A bare metal server means you have complete control without server administration hassles. Our 24/7 management package ensures uninterrupted performance. In India, it’s all about reliability and minimal downtime. Bare metal cloud server hosting service offers maximum resource utilization, unlike virtual servers, and is highly flexible to meet specific business needs.

    Each server has a minimum of 500 Mbit/s of accessible public bandwidth, with a burst available to handle brief periods of peak demand. There is no limit to the amount of inbound and outbound traffic, and the bandwidth available may be extended. 

    We also provide free and extendable 400GB of backup storage space separate from the server, free operating systems that install instantly through the go4hosting control panel, anti-DDoS security, and help and support from our expert IT teams.

    Big data, machine learning, hosting websites and apps, backups and storage, infrastructure virtualization, server clusters, business applications (CRM, ERP), and even hosting online games are just a few of the numerous applications for a Bare Metal Cloud.

    Our dedicated hosting solution’s settings are created to meet the demands of businesses. Depending on how you use the computer, you could want a setup with more RAM, more storage, or a faster processor. The bandwidth capacity and selection of ancillary services that each go4hosting Bare Metal Cloud range offers also serve to separate them from one another.

    At go4hosting, anti-DDoS security is a must for all of our products. For your servers and infrastructures, it ensures maximum security. It is crucial because

    If an assault on your server impedes access to your website, other users may experience service interruptions or lower profits.

    Our server hardware is maintained round-the-clock because we never compromise on quality. In addition, the details on our servers are covered by a lifetime warranty.

    Throughout your contract, go4hosting will replace any malfunctioning server component at no additional cost. For these replacement procedures, you won’t be charged.

    Suppose you wish to handle the hardware components independently, develop more complicated designs, establish an infrastructure that includes a private network (vRack), and install more sophisticated solutions that are not web services. In that case, we advise adopting a bare metal cloud.

    Users that use the internet more frequently typically upgrade to bare metal clouds or public cloud solutions. These services offer more sophisticated, adaptable infrastructures that can handle rapid development.


    To secure budget-friendly bare metal servers, it’s essential to delve into a spectrum of options and strategies for unearthing economical server solutions. Alternatively, you can connect with our team of bare metal experts to glean insights into available discounts and offers. At go4hosting, we consistently strive to cater to your needs, so feel free to reach out today and discover the latest deals on bare metal cloud services.

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