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Whether you intend to scale the foundational architecture for existing applications or strive to improve cloud-native applications on Azure, Go4hosting can help you with all your requirements at the most competitive Microsoft Azure pricing! Get the best event-oriented architectures everywhere with Azure!

With Go4hosting’s cloud, you can build without boundaries across on-premises, multi-cloud, and the edge!! Go4hosting is a leading Microsoft Azure cloud service provider. We provide a wide range of services such as storage, networking, computing, and analytics.

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    Our Solutions

    Our Microsoft Azure services are available in the Azure public cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid configurations. Our Azure pricing is determined by a variety of factors, including the type of service, the required capacity, the location, and the level of management.

    We follow the “pay as you go” pricing model for the majority of our Azure services. Furthermore, we provide significant discounts for reserved instances (which require a one- or three-year commitment) and spot occurrences (virtual machines from Azure’s spare capacity that can be terminated at any time).


    Here are our five different Microsoft Azure SQL Database Pricing options:


    • Azure Hybrid Benefit:

      Azure Hybrid Benefit:


      The benefit is for BYOLs (bringing your own license). Businesses with Microsoft licenses in their on-premise data centers are eligible for our Azure Hybrid Benefit program. If you have Windows Server or SQL Server licenses that you use locally, you can bring them to the cloud. Businesses with a license get a discount on the per-hour cost of the VM. Our Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit is available for Windows Server virtual machines, SQL Server virtual machines, and the Azure SQL Database service. Azure Hybrid Benefit, when combined with reserved instances, offers a discount of up to 85 percent.

    • Azure Dev/Test Pricing:

      Azure Dev/Test Pricing:


      With our Azure development, you become eligible for significant discounts, such as: ● Running Windows virtual machines for the same price as Linux virtual machines (basically, you get the Microsoft license for free) ● You can save up to 55 percent on Azure SQL Database Pricing. ● You can save up to 50 percent on Logic Apps.

    • Azure Dev/Test Pricing:

      Azure Price Matching:


      We match the price of comparable services on AWS. Azure Prices are adjusted every three months to reflect changes in AWS pricing. ● Price matching is available for Linux VMs (vs. EC2 compute instances). ● Azure Functions (vs. Amazon Lambda). ● Block Blob Storage ZRS HOT / COOL tier (vs. S3 Standard / Standard-Infrequent Access tier). *We also have a free tier that allows you to use certain services for free for the first 12 months and free forever usage of certain services.

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    Service                                                   Pricing Factor                        Starting From

    Linux virtual machines (VMs)              VM hourly usage                                $0.004

    Functions                                                   Million executions                            $0.20

    Block Blob storage  (ZRS HOT)                   GB-month                                    $0.023

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