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We all know how overwhelming migration can be. More often than not, the process is cumbersome, time-consuming, and necessitates additional training. Many times, technical incompatibilities and latent dependencies are also uncovered, resulting in unplanned downtimes that throttle your earnings.

Go4hosting’s top-tier an Affordable data center migration services help you move workloads in the most seamless manner, with minimal disruption to your operations. We put in place industry best practices in order to minimize the risk of data corruption, facilitating a hassle-free transfer.

Simplify and accelerate data center India migration through our tried-and-tested frameworks, proven methodologies, and data-centric approach.

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    Data Center Migration: How we do it?

    Why choose Go4hosting as your an Affordable data center migration partner?

    In this fiercely competitive age, businesses demand agile infrastructure in order to make the most of market opportunities and embrace technological innovations. A legacy infrastructure just doesn’t serve the purpose. At Go4hosting, we offer top-of-the-line migration and consolidation services that help you simplify your infrastructure, bolster operational efficiency and trim down operating costs. With our meticulously-planned solutions in place, your business is primed for new challenges across various technology platforms.

    Our specialists can address all kinds of migration challenges-consolidation prompted by merger or acquisition, relocation to a new colocation service facility, migration to a public or hybrid cloud. So, whatever kind of business entity you may be, or whichever stage you may be into, we help you refine services and unlock novel outcomes. We follow a customized approach for ensuring the entire migration process goes on in a smooth manner. Our experienced team of certified engineers, architects, and consultants have the skill and expertise to devise solutions that align perfectly with your needs. Our end-to-end migration solutions cover everything, right from mapping the applications to handling technology platforms. Our top-notch services are characterized by scalability, security, and efficiency.

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    Data center migration refers to the movement of IT infrastructure, along with its applications, from one location to the other.

    Here are the key benefits of data center migration:

    1) Better Return on Investment (RoI): A carefully planned data center migration plan can help companies bring down the total costs of operation through optimization of the existing resources.

    2) Minimal Disruption: Technology is changing at a rapid pace; an agile IT environment helps businesses minimize disruption through the integration of modern technologies.

    3) Increased Shelf-life: Data center migration prolongs the shelf life of a company’s existing infrastructure by tweaking it to meet its specific needs.

    4) Enhanced Security: Data centers offer different security benefits such as firewalls, multi-factor authentication, etc. Companies can pick and choose the features that best fit their security needs.

    5) Scalability: Most of the large-scale data centers allow businesses to scale resources with time as they grow and expand operations.

    Some of the common reasons behind companies choosing to migrate their data center:

    1) They have outgrown the capacity and capabilities of their existing data center facility.

    2) They want to move resources from their on-premises data center to a colocation/managed facility.

    3) They want to consolidate their infrastructure owning to restructuring (merger/acquisition)

    Here are some of the common types of data center migrations:

    • Colocation/Relocation: This involves moving IT infrastructure from one location to another. Relocation may include a mix of the below processes:
      1. Physical-to-physical (Forklifts)
      2. Physical-to-virtual (P2V)
      3. Virtual-to-virtual (V2V)
      4. Virtual-to-cloud (V2C)
      5. Physical-to-cloud (P2C)
    • Consolidation: Triggered by organizational restructuring, this kind of migration is aimed at reducing the number of physical data centers or servers.
    • Cloud: This involves moving physical and/or virtual infrastructure components to the public or private cloud.
    • Hybrid: In this case, the data and applications are moved to a hybrid environment that may involve a mix of private and public clouds, colocation, and on-premises data center.

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