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Go4hosting’s elastic load balancers distribute network traffic to improve both scalability and performance of applications on your network. Our load balancing allows you to define cognitive content-aware routing to quickly recover from failovers, augmenting overall uptime of your web apps.

Use your server space to its optimum with load balancers that ensure uniform distribution of network loads over the servers

Use your server space to its optimum with load balancers that ensure uniform distribution of network loads over the servers

Key Deliverables

Get your network configured with advanced load balancers powered by patented AI technologies

Our Services

We undertake an exhaustive list of functions to make sure your workloads are evenly and orderly distributed throughout your network.

  • Traffic Scalability

    Traffic Scalability

    An intelligently-designed load balancer architecture closely follows your traffic to instantly scale resources if required. Traffic spikes are then distributed evenly throughout the network to accommodate increased workloads.

    Our experts will embed your load balancers with such techniques to give your business its much-needed competitive edge.

  • Content-aware routing

    Content-aware routing

    Each network has cerebral content-aware routing rooted into it to distribute only relevant workloads to relevant resource lists. Client requests over such routing are delivered over IPv6 and HTTP/2 for faster content caching.

    The load balancer will come engrossed with content-aware routing service for better distribution of content through viable routes.

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Why opt for load balancing

Better resource usage efficiency and performance can be achieved with load balancers that distribute workloads evenly onto a network, instead of having them constrained in local.

Load balancers distribute client requests and loads more efficiently across multiple enterprise servers. Load balancer services are better managed and prepared for sudden spikes and upsurges.

Elastic balancing ensures extremely high availability and performance improvement by up to 40% on existing frameworks.

Balancing of loads helps you to add or subtract servers when demands rise or decrease respectively.

What is a Cloud Load Balancer?

Cloud Load Balancing is a solution that manages online traffic and allocates workloads across multiple servers or network links. The allocation of workloads can be done automatically or on demand. The solution reduces responding time and avoids overload.

Load Balancers increase the workload performance and prevent overload to provide your users a smooth experience.

At Go4hosting.com, we offer Cloud Load Balancers which allow you to manage multiple Cloud Servers with the help of quick load balancing solutions so that you can avail our optimal resource operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Load balancers are necessary because they let you achieve a more uniform distribution of network loads over your resources, which, in turn, translates into a smoother web-app performance and better on-site experience.

A load balancer will partition your workloads and send them to different servers as standalone tasks. Once output from each server is received, results are congregated and displayed as output from a single application would look like.

Technically, No. you do not need load balancers if you are running just one server. You may choose to opt one but the result will not be that tangible.

Yes, they do so indirectly by enhancing the technical aspects such as load-time, and speed of your website.

Yes, you can opt for load balancing service if you are on a cloud. Most clouds, however, have load balancing embedded into them, so do check with your provider.

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