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Run multi-model HANA with a near-petabyte data lake.

Go4hosting’s HANA community cloud amalgamates two of the industry’s cutting-edge technologies: HANA and Cloud. Our multi-model support and HANA servers will combine all your data and streamline them through a single gateway. By hosting on our cloud, you can move all your critical applications and files and manage them with a single, austere DB application.


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    Businesses of all sizes may use the scalable platform-as-a-service provided by SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The shortcomings of SaaS solutions, which might take a long time to integrate and are often rigid, are all addressed by SAP Hana. Other potential uses for the SAP HANA Cloud Platform include order tracking, customer overviews, and HR-related duties.

    The functionality of legacy Oracle and SAP applications, as well as business-specific tools, may be expanded by developers using this platform. All business lines, including cash flow, are supported by the platform as its core. As needed by businesses, the platform enables the continuous creation of new apps and procedures. Users of the Cloud Platform get access to unstructured data storage of up to 10 GB and utilize up to 10 GB of bandwidth per month.

    The PaaS offers an open architecture that enables in-memory database and app services that can be easily developed, enabling the system to scale with the expansion of the business. The SAP HANA Cloud Platform is offered in four different configurations (Free, Professional, Single Application, and Multiple Application) to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and financial constraints. For secure logins for all users, the platform uses SAP HANA Cloud Identity.

    S/4HANA on SAP Community Cloud

    According to SAP, S/4HANA is an enterprise resource planning platform with built-in artificial intelligence, automation technology, and sophisticated analytics that utilizes the renowned SAP HANA database. The platform has had tremendous growth over time for results relevant to several industries, including banking, utilities, retail, finance, supply chain, manufacturing, distribution, and healthcare. By switching to S/4HANA with Go4Hosting, you can take advantage of unmatched workflow, operational innovation capabilities enhanced with a high reduction in data footprints, 100 times faster reporting, embedded machine learning, real-time analytics, streamlined data display, modernized application development lifecycles, consumer-grade UX across devices, and flexible deployment options for quicker implementation.

    Get Managed Operations with our SAP Community Cloud

    Go4Hosting offers a full-lifecycle SAP AMS, from initial consulting services through application creation and optimization. We draw on the deep SAP specialization of our ten industrial, technical, and functional centers of excellence to provide our clients with unique AMS outcomes. We offer Implementation, Development, Upgrade, Production Support, and Maintenance services for SAP ECC, S4H versions, SCM, Business Warehouse, CRM, GRC, Solution Manager, NetWeaver Applications, BI/BO, BPC, HANA, etc. through a large pool of qualified Functional and Technical consultants.

    Get Robust Services with Our Team of Experts 

    To estimate, implement, upgrade, migrate, and provide support, we have reliable templates. We can support businesses of any size thanks to our accelerators centered on SAP System Deployments and Migrations, AMS.

    Among the services we offer for application outsourcing are:

    • Support for L1, L2
    • Minor and major enhancements to incident support for L3 and L4
    • Configuration and Release Management
    • Testing Assistance Services

    To update database administration processes, switch to the cutting-edge SAP HANA Database. Data footprints are reduced by 50% thanks to SAP HANA’s in-memory, columnar database structure. It permits 100 times quicker reporting, sophisticated real-time analytics, intelligent automation of data flow and management, simplified data presentation, and consumer-grade UX. To remove information threats and loss concerns, integrate cutting-edge data security, data lake, and continuity solutions.

    How Go4Hosting offer the industry’s best service levels at competitive pricing?

    Utilize Go4Hosting’s exclusive automation tools to streamline your operations’ cloud administration and unleash creativity. For n-tier design, heterogeneous systems management with numerous frontends, backends, and middleware for caching, searching, and queuing relational and non-relational databases, use AI maintained by world-class site reliability engineers. For SAP-managed operations, Go4Hosting automation solutions include continuous monitoring of data platforms and applications, proactive risk management alerts, maintaining maximum uptime, and self-healing.

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    What are the extensive features of our HANA on Cloud services? 

    • Secured online, protected offline
      Threats come in all forms – online and offline. So we leave nothing to luck when it comes to security
    • 2-way firewall
      Our 2-way firewall guards not just the network entry but also exit ports, so you are two-way protected.
    • Round-the-clock support
      We’re always looking out for you whether you are asleep or awake. No threat will ever slip under our guard.
    • Intelligent protection
      Antivirus protections are way too mainstream, it’s time for our AI and ML-powered antispyware/antimalware apps

    What are the benefits of the SAP Cloud Platform for your business?

    Feature-rich –

    Your current SAP and non-SAP solutions may be extended in the cloud or on-premises using the platform’s wide range of functionalities, which you can use to develop, manage, and deploy cloud-based corporate applications. Access to SAP HANA’s full potential is made simple by a variety of subscription models that are flexible and additional services for infrastructure, applications, and databases.

    Add value to your current apps –

    SAP Cloud Platform enables connectivity via the cloud connectivity service if you already have enterprise solutions running locally or in the cloud. With the certainty of the lowest possible total cost of ownership, you may simplify the integration of new applications.

    Reduce time to value –

    SAP Cloud Platform can help you quickly develop and deploy consumer and enterprise apps while assuring additional functionality that satisfies changing business requirements. Additionally, it enables you to engage with consumers through more engaging experiences.

    Boost developer output –

    Because open programming standards are supported, developers may quickly create corporate apps that interact with either SAP or non-SAP systems without having to learn new coding.

    Increase ROI while cutting costs –

    Because partners and consumers do not need to make an upfront investment in software or infrastructure, SAP Cloud Platform offers a more affordable solution with no risk. To reduce the cost of implementing and developing cloud applications, SAP will manage platform operations once it has been implemented.

    Why SAP HANA?

    Modelled DBs are easier to search and work with than a cluttered, unmodelled database.

    Data files can be better navigated when interconnected via a linked list as on HANA.

    Data rights management (DRM) compliance ensure that all apps and files linked to them are shielded from piracy.

    Our SSDs cache files faster than conventional hard drives, giving you a seamless HANA experience throughout.

    HANA’s flexible data storage and process options distribute data evenly into layers, connected via a single gateway. We thought you’d like to know, we can also customize a HANA community cloud based on your requirements. Don’t hold yourself back and chat with us now or fill this enquiry form.

    The cloud-based version of S/4 HANA ERP, a group of connected business tools for big businesses, is called SAP S/4 HANA Cloud. All the advantages of S/4 HANA, including in-memory processing and real-time data accessibility, are present in SAP S/4 HANA Cloud. However, because cloud computing has a lower total cost of ownership and offers greater flexibility and quicker update cycles, these advantages are also improved. Enterprises must prioritize moving their HANA workloads to the cloud because SAP will no longer offer S/4 HANA ERP in a few years.

    Enterprises may have increased & quicker ROI, decreased total cost of ownership, higher business agility, improved security, governance, and compliance, including data residency rules, and improved business productivity owing to optimized operations with SAP S/4 HANA on Cloud. Speak with our SAP specialists to learn how to increase the return on your SAP S/4 HANA on Cloud investments.


    We thought you’d like to know,

    we can also customize a HANA community cloud based on your requirements.

    Don’t hold yourself back and chat with us now or fill this enquiry form.

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