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Don’t settle for a subpar Windows hosting solution that doesn’t cater to your unique business requirements. go4Hosting brings you reliable, affordable, and robust hosting solutions. Our VPS Windows hosting plans are designed to offer scalability and customizability for your growing business needs. We deliver to your powerful servers lightning-fast connectivity and an unbeatable uptime guarantee. Focus on expanding your business without stressing about performance issues or downtime. 

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With Windows VPS Hosting, You Can

Key Deliverables

  • Windows VPS Hosting

    ParallelsPlesk Control Panel


    Parallels Plesk simplifies server management. It makes managing websites, emails, databases, and other hosting-related tasks easier through a user-friendly interface.

  • Windows VPS Hosting Server

    Fully Managed Services


    We manage and monitor your VPS Windows server so that you can focus on your core business. Our team offers backups, seamless updates, and 24/7 technical support, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind.

  • Windows VPS Hosting

    Quick and hassle-free deployment


    Get your Windows VPS live within minutes. Enjoy instant server setup, seamless resource allocation, and reliable performance for your online ventures.

  • Windows VPS Hosting Server

    Powerful Processor


    go4hosting is committed to offering best-in-class performance with the latest Intel processors. Enjoy lightning-fast speeds, seamless multitasking, and optimal resource utilization for demanding applications and websites.

  • Windows VPS Hosting

    Free Upgradation


    go4hosting's Windows VPS Hosting delivers seamless scalability, allowing you to effortlessly enhance resources, software, and performance as your business grows. Stay agile and competitive.

  • Windows VPS Hosting Server

    Root Access


    Assured and guaranteed resources with full SSH / root-level access. Customize, install, and manage applications with ease, empowering your hosting experience.


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Why Go4hosting?

Windows VPS Hosting Server

Headquartered in Noida, go4hosting is a premier data center. Our ultra-modern data centers adhere to international standards, with various awards under their belts. Our customers range from top MNCs to public sector Navaratans, a testimony of our great reputation and brand value. We offer a complete suite of hosting solutions from cheap Windows VPS Server hosting to Cloud, from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting and server colocation.

Tier-III Data Centers
An ultra-modern green data center in Noida, under stringent security surveillance, controlled entry, and dual authentication systems.

Network Neutral
Work with a reliable network operator for guaranteed network uptime of 99.95%.

We guarantee maximum uptime to mitigate downtime, effectively enhancing your organization's reputation.

We've implemented robust security measures, including controlled access and a dual authentication system for your peace of mind.

go4hosting robust data centers offer exceptional resilience, allowing seamless on-demand updates without any downtime.

24 x 7 Technical Support
Our team of highly skilled professionals and technicians is at your service 24/7, ready to assist you whenever you encounter any challenges or obstacles."

An Overview of Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS hosting is a mighty hosting solution for websites with a huge volume of traffic. Popularity of Windows VPS hosting lies in the fact that it’s the most convenient and user-friendly operating system. It enables customers to have better control to their servers with high-end technologies like Microsoft Hyper-V, dedicated bandwidth and storage.

One of the great advantages of Windows is that it has the FrontPage that facilitates you leverage about almost everything and support other platforms as well.

Actually, Windows VPS Server is a hybrid of dedicated server and shared server, offering most of the salient features of a dedicated server. Also, it offers sufficient RAM, bandwidth and storage to streamline your business. The VPS environment a physical server is segregated into a number of virtual servers, and each of the instances works as a dedicated server for the website put on them.

Why Choose Cheap Windows VPS Server Hosting For Your Business?

The very obvious reason is if you have outgrown or want better control over your server, you should move your business to a cheap VPS Window with a reliable host. In contrast to a shared server, VPS offers you a flexibility to install, configure any software of your choice or if your business requires. In this hosting environment you can have root access to your server, and can also configure an SSL (secured socket layer) certificate for enhanced security.

Why Select Go4hosting For Cheap Windows VPS Hosting?

Headquartered in Noida, Go4hosting is a premier data center growing through an expansion phase. Our ultra-modern data centers are adhered to the international standards, having various awards under its belts. Our customers ranging from top MNCs to public sector Navaratans that is a testimony of our great reputation and brand value.

Incorporated in 2000, Go4hosting has been growing exponentially by the help of its state-of-the art services, provided by a team of highly efficient and skilled professionals in the industry.

We offer a complete suite of hosting solutions from cheap Windows VPS Server hosting to Cloud, from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting and server colocation.

Windows VPS Hosting: Empowering High-Traffic Websites

VPS Windows hosting is a powerful solution for websites with a huge traffic volume. Its popularity lies in the fact that it’s a convenient and user-friendly operating system. It enables customers to control their servers better with high-end technologies like Microsoft Hyper-V, dedicated bandwidth, and storage. 

Windows VPS Server is a hybrid of dedicated and shared servers, offering most of the salient features of the former. It also delivers sufficient RAM, bandwidth, and storage to streamline your business. In the VPS environment, a physical server is segregated into several virtual servers, and each instance works as a dedicated server for the website put on them.

Why Windows VPS Server Hosting For Your Business?

Have you outgrown your server or desire better control? Move your business to VPS Windows hosting. 

Boost Performance and SpeedUnleash Your CreativityRock-Solid Security
In the fast-paced digital world, speed matters! With our affordable Windows VPS server hosting, your website will run faster than a cheetah on espresso. Say goodbye to those frustrating loading times and hello to happy, engaged customers.Are you tired of being restricted by shared hosting? Windows VPS gives you the freedom to customize your server like a digital playground. Install the software you need, tweak settings, and craft your online presence exactly how you want it. It’s your server, your rules!Security breaches are nightmares we all want to avoid. With our Windows VPS hosting, you’ll sleep soundly, knowing your data is protected by Fort Knox-level security. Say goodbye to those sleepless nights worrying about cyberattacks – we’ve got your back.

Windows VPS Hosting Server FAQs

Windows VPS Hosting is a type of virtual private server configured with Windows as the underlying Operating System.

Virtual private servers are created by virtualization. A part of the dedicated server’s resource is separated and then allocated to a client. Depending upon the client’s requirement, the partition can either run Linux or a Windows-based OS. When installed with a Windows System, it is known as Windows VPS Hosting.

First off, Windows is extremely intuitive and allows for easy management of tasks. Moreover, Windows provides long-term support and frequent updates, adding new features with each update.

If your requirement is such that you want to run ASP script frameworks, you cannot have any other OS but Windows. Windows VPS server is also easier to handle and does not require its administrator to be as proficient as Linux servers.

The cost depends upon how you configure your server. The higher the specifications, the more you pay. Thus, depending upon the amount of RAM, storage space, Processor, expect to pay anywhere in between a few bucks to a few hundred dollars per month.

The best Windows VPS server is one that caters to client requirements, regardless of how expensive or cheap it is.

It is always better to know your requirements beforehand. Once you have an idea about the specifications, the next step is choosing add-ons to run with the server.

Windows VPS Hosting is available as both managed and unmanaged service.

With Go4hosting, you get the option to choose what level of managed services you want to opt for.

We provide the following control panels for the Windows VPS server

  • cPanel Fixed Cloud – 5 accounts
  • cPanel Fixed Cloud – 30 accounts
  • Web Admin Edition – 10 accounts
  • Web Pro Edition – 30 accounts
  • Web Host Edition – unlimited accounts

Yes, Windows VPS Hosting is intensely scalable. You can easily bump up RAM, processor and opt for additional bandwidth from the service select page.

If you are already subscribed to a plan and are only planning to expand resources, you can do so by either logging into your control panel or by getting in touch with us.

Check out our Windows VPS hosting plans and purchase one that suits your business’s needs. After you have availed of the plan, our team will guide you through each step of the process.

You can upgrade your Windows VPS hosting plan at any time. Connect with our support team if you encounter any issues.

The time required to set up your VPS varies based on the chosen plan and level of customization. Go4hosting’s team ensures speedy setup, which usually takes minutes to a few hours.

Your project’s specific requirements will determine the Windows VPS server that’s right for you. Factors like the size of your project, the amount of traffic it generates, and the resources it needs are crucial in determining the suitable Windows VPS server. You can consult experts to choose the best Windows VPS plan for your project.

We offer 24/7 support to assist you with installing, setting up, troubleshooting, and managing your high-speed virtual private server.

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