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Revolutionize the way you host your applications and websites with go4hosting. Now, there are no more limitations of traditional servers, only the boundless possibilities of Virtual Machine Hosting. 

Our VM hosting leverages cutting-edge virtualization technology and incorporates multiple layers of robust security measures, guaranteeing the safety of your sensitive data against all potential threats. 

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    Imitate Your Physical Machine with go4hosting’s free VM Hosting

    Our free VM cloud hosting services let you create a Virtual Machine that mimics a physical machine in all respects. Deploy a high-performing Virtual Machine with its own operating system, applications and resources in seconds with our 30-day free trial plan.

    Use your free Virtual Machine to try a new OS, run old software, clone a system or test new applications across multiple platforms. Scale from one to multiple Virtual Machines effortlessly, if your work demands.

    Unlock the Potential of Virtualization Technology with our Virtual Machine Hosting Service Designed for Reliability and Performance

    Tailor-Made Virtual Machines For You

    Our key differentiators

    • N+1 Redundancy

      N+1 Redundancy

    • Over 500 rack capacity

      Over 500 rack capacity

    • Powered by cutting-edge Intel Xeon Gold processors,

      Powered by cutting-edge Intel Xeon Gold processors,

    • NVMe + SAS SSD cloud storage technology

      NVMe + SAS SSD cloud storage technology

    • 24 * 7 Server monitoring, maintenance and management

      24 * 7 Server monitoring, maintenance and management

    • Freedom to upgrade or downgrade plans in accordance to needs

      Freedom to upgrade or downgrade plans in accordance to needs

    • Carrier neutral data centers

      Carrier neutral data centers

    • Online Virtual Machine (VM) Hosting

      Updated anti-virus and anti-spam applications for enhanced security

    • Online Virtual Machine (VM) Hosting

      Hassle-free server setup & up-gradation

    • Online Virtual Machine (VM) Hosting

      24 * 7 Technical Support

    • Backup and Disaster Recovery

      Backup and Disaster Recovery

    • Compliance and Data Privacy

      Compliance and Data Privacy

    Embrace VM Hosting for Limitless Growth!

    • Online Virtual Machine Hosting

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      Sign up for a free trial and access our unlimited use 30-day trial plan today.*

      Whether you are a start-up or run a small or medium-sized enterprise, you have a wide range of VM hosting plans to choose from.

      We provide world-class hosting services backed by a robust infrastructure to ensure your Virtual Machines stay secure and operate at peak efficiency. Our powerful free VM hosting plans boost your business and keep you ahead of your competitors. So, don’t wait, choose the right plan for your business today!

      Still any doubt? No worry! Call our toll-free number @91-120-6025102 to understand which of our cheap Cloud Server hosting plans meets your business needs.

    • Online Virtual Machine (vm) Hosting

      Choose Go4hosting, a reliable hosting partner for your business

      With an experience spanning two decades, Go4hosting has an illustrious track-record of providing top-notch VM hosting services to businesses across the globe. Our impressive clientele testifies to our technical prowess and business acumen.

      Our data centers are Tier III complaint with a rack capacity of over 500 and state-of-the-art hardware and software. Our powerful VM cloud hosting plans are supported by high bandwidth, excellent technical support and robust SLA.

    Free Virtual Machines Hosting from the Comfort of your Homes

    • 99.9% Uptime – Your Digital Fortress

      99.9% Uptime – Your Digital Fortress


      In the digital world, downtime is the enemy of development. We take pleasure in providing an industry-leading 99.9% uptime guarantee at go4hosting. With our cutting-edge infrastructure and diligent maintenance, you can be confident that your website will be up and operating around the clock, serving your audience.

    • Fastest Virtual Machines – Speed That Sets You Apart

      Fastest Virtual Machines – Speed That Sets You Apart


      Our virtual machines are built for speed, so your website or application will load quickly. Plus, it gives an outstanding user experience. Don’t settle for second best when you can have the fastest VMs with go4hosting.

    • Admin Control

      Admin Control – Your Platform, Your Rules


      With go4hosting’s powerful admin control, you can take command of your hosting environment. We provide a user-friendly, feature-rich control panel that allows you to precisely design and manage. It’s your platform, and we provide you the tools to simply govern it.

    • Lower IT Costs – Efficiency That Saves You Money

      Lower IT Costs – Efficiency That Saves You Money


      At go4hosting, we understand the importance of cost efficiency in the modern business landscape. By partnering with us, you can significantly reduce your IT costs. Our efficient infrastructure, automated processes, and cost-effective plans ensure you get more value for your hosting budget.

    • Scalability – Grow Without Limits

      Scalability – Grow Without Limits


      Your hosting provider should always support your digital ambitions. With go4hosting, you have the scalability to grow your online presence as your business expands. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, our flexible solutions can adapt to your needs seamlessly.

    • Fanatical Technical Support

      Fanatical Technical Support


      Technical hiccups can happen anytime, and that’s where our exceptional support team comes in. At go4hosting, we offer fanatical technical support available 24/7. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with any issues, ensuring that you have peace of mind and a reliable partner to count on.

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    Why You Should Launch Online Virtual Machines with Go4hosting

    go4hosting’s VMs are faster, better and more secure than its competition. Our cloud ecosystem is a product of years of hard work and research & development. You can launch powerful and sophisticated apps by procuring virtual machines online with us. Key benefits of hosting a cloud VM with us include:

    • Online Virtual Machine: No marketing, just supportwe follow a ‘zero marketing policy.’ You will only hear from our agents when your cloud VM needs to be tweaked.

    • Online Virtual Machine: Entirely self-configuredYou’re the master of your apps. We allow you to be the master of your cloud, too.

    • Online Virtual Machine: Meant for Codes We understand that developers like you need a robust virtual machine minus the efforts required to configure one.

    • Online Virtual Machine: Teeming with PowerGet as much power as your apps demand within the same VM and easily run powerful AI and deep learning applications.

    • Free Cloud VMs With the signup bonus of $50, you can launch free virtual machines and get acquainted with our service level agreements.

    What is Virtual Machine Hosting?

    Imagine having the ability to create and customize your virtual world within the vast landscape of the internet. That’s precisely what virtual machine hosting offers. Fundamentally, virtual machine hosting operates by running numerous virtualized operating systems simultaneously on a solitary physical server. These virtual machines (VMs) function as self-contained entities, possessing their own distinct configurations, software setups, and resource allocations. Think of it as akin to having multiple individual computers within a single machine, each meticulously customized to suit your specific requirements.

    go4hosting: A Reliable VM Hosting Partner 

    With two decades of experience, go4hosting has an illustrious track record of providing top-notch VM hosting services to businesses across the globe. With a Tier III compliant data center, over 500 rack capacity, and state-of-the-art hardware and software, we offer world-class Virtual Machine hosting solutions:

    • One Platform Multiple Accounts
    • Constant Monitoring
    • Broad Scale Availability
    • Round-the-Clock Supervision
    • Multi-Cloud Compatibility
    • 24/7 Expert Support 

    Virtual Machine FAQ

    A virtual machine creates a virtual environment that behaves like a separate computer. Virtual machines run as a process while being sandboxed within a system. You can utilize your VM platform to run apps or run another operating system.
    It is easy to setup a VM on your own. There are a number of free VM programs available for your windows and Linux OS. You can alternately configure free VM cloud hosting over your existing cloud server.
    The base machine on which the VM app is installed is called the host. On the other hand, the operating system with which the virtual machine has been configured is called the guest.
    There can be as many VMs as the system allows. However, one should bear in mind that having too many VMs can unnecessarily clutter the host. This clustering can result in system lag and consequently, the performance will notice a drastic dip.
    To ‘trick’ the virtual machine into thinking it’s running a separate computer, its resources have to be demarcated with the resource being used by the host. Every operating system has – a. Kernel & b. Shell.
    Situated at the computer’s core, a kernel connects CPU with the application that needs access to its resources. The shell is the interface connecting user with the kernel. The shell and kernel are two essentials of an operating system, and a computer cannot run with even one of these components missing.
    There are as many shells as there are virtual machines. Also, there is an equal number of kernel linked to each virtual machine. However, there can only be one base kernel unless there are two operating systems running parallel to one another.

    VMware is an application that creates a fully isolated and secure virtual environment. In other words, it helps you create a virtual machine. VMware may or may not be free depending upon how you use it. The VMware Workstation is free for non-commercial, home use. If you want VMware for personal learning, you can have as many copies as you want, for free.
    However, the commercial license for VMware is paid and depending upon the services you require, VMware can easily cost you around $150 or more.
    There are other hypervisors that offer free VM hosting at the start, you can try dabbling with one of these hypervisors. If satisfied with the level of performance, you can then buy the complete package.

    A host server is the underlying server running one or more instances of the virtual machine. Put simply, the base server is called the VM host server. Any number of virtual machines the server is configured with are called the guest servers. Just like there is a host in a computer running VM, there is also a host in the server running any hypervisor.
    Virtual machines are often confused with hypervisors. The two terms are often used interchangeably one for the other.
    Even though the two terms mean almost the same (more or less), some nuances exist between the two.
    The virtual machine is a computer contained inside another computer, running an exclusive set of CPU resources, independent of the host machine. The hypervisor, on the other hand, is the device or software running the virtual machine. It is responsible for allocating resources, running the interface between the host system and the virtual machine, or any management software and the VM.
    When you opt for VM hosting, the vendor provides you with a hypervisor and a free VM to run on your server. Now, these additional virtual machines can function as independent servers. Even though it munches on the resource of your host, it is an independent server.
    Most VM hosting will come at a cost, depending upon the CPU you want to isolate from the server. Some cloud providers have also started offering free VM cloud hosting with their services.
    It is to be noted that even though several free VM programs are available in the market, only your hosting provider can mount a Virtual machine on your server. Hence, every VM hosting service will always have some cost linked to it. Unless mentioned, free VM hosting as such could be an artifice.

    In terms of an operating system (OS), a virtual machine is an OS running within another OS. The two operating systems may not necessarily be the same. You can run windows on Linux system, or Linux over windows system. The two OS will not create any conflict with one another because the host and the guest OS functions as standalone systems, as if the other never existed.
    However, you can notice a dip in system performance because a part of the CPU has been allocated elsewhere. The amount of resource available to the individual operating system will therefore decrease.
    You can also run the same task simultaneously with both the host and guest OS.
    It is advisable not to not load host and guest OS with too many tasks simultaneously. Even though the two systems run independently the guest OS still runs over the base OS. If the host lags or crashes, the guest will crash too.
    Setting up VM on an operating system is the cheapest and easiest. Several free VM applications are available that can configure the Virtual Machine in no time.

    VM is particularly useful for developers, but it has long been used by amateurs as well.
    While developing an application or software, it has to be tested on multiple platforms. Configuring several workstations for each platform can be expensive. A comprehensive solution is to have one robust workstation and install several paid or free VMs. Not only it is easier to optimize and maintain a single workstation, but it is also convenient and takes up lesser space.
    With VM hosting, it is also possible to partition your server and test-run programs before you can make changes live on your original website.
    Older programs that have not been discontinued or are otherwise incompatible with the latest OS can also be run on virtual machines running older operating systems.

    Virtual Machine Hosting offers scalable resources to meet changing demands efficiently while also reducing costs through optimized hardware utilization. It provides isolated environments for enhanced security and the flexibility to customize configurations as per your requirements.

    Virtual Machine Hosting provides dedicated resources and isolation. On the other hand, shared hosting shares resources among multiple users.

    At go4hosting, we prioritize the safety of your data and information. We ensure isolation between virtual machines. We also incorporate numerous layers of security to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.


    Yes, with Virtual Machine Hosting, you can easily scale up or down your resources as per your changing needs.


    At go4hosting, we employ high availability techniques to ensure that your virtual machines are automatically shifted to a healthy server if a server fails.


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