Full Rack Colocation Hosting

Are you running a small business and are you running out of place to store servers? Go4hosting offers colocation facilities along with the added advantage of our advanced data center. We provide fully loaded 20u rack space for your servers. Our data centers offer a wide variety of features like ventilation, heating and air conditioning to ensure the safety of your hardware. Our highly advanced data centers are reliable, efficient and secure. Go4hosting offers racks for deployment and servers that can fulfill your business requirements.

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    Colocation Services for Data Centers

    We can offer rack space ranging from 1RU to a whole rack if you want your hardware and colocation services housed in a secure Tier 3 Data Center (and anywhere in between). Stay assured as your hardware will remain safe in the Data Center of your choice. You may deploy servers, storage, and networking gear using our colocation service in any of our Tier 3 Data Centers. You can be sure that your equipment is secure with us whether it takes up 1RU of space or a whole rack.

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    Why Choose a Fully Loaded Server Rack?

    The biggest advantage of collocating your servers to our fully loaded racks is that you will be able to utilize your resources to the fullest. Colocation allows your in-house IT professionals to focus their attention on internal business matters instead of investing time and effort in the management and maintenance of your servers.

    24/7 Technical Support

    The major advantage of our full loaded rack colocation is that we provide round the clock customer support. Our experts possess years of experience in resolving any technical issues related to your rack and servers. We will be glad to assist you in any colocation related query, and we will make sure that we resolve any collocation related issue in a timely manner.

    Fixed One Time Monthly Payment

    Go4hosting charges a fixed monthly fee for our 20u rack space service. You can trust us with your server as they are in safe hands. We charge an affordable fee for our state-of-the-art infrastructure and high speed connectivity through our highly advanced data centers.

    Easy Access To The Servers

    Go4hosting offers a wide variety of benefits to our clients such as unlimited bandwidth, steady internet connectivity and high speed transfers with our data centers. We make sure that you have quick and easy access to your servers. Maximum availability of the servers ensures uninterrupted functioning of your business operations.

    We are the best provider of full rack colocation hosting.

    When you work directly with Go4Hosting, you benefit from a more hands-on approach to hosting your servers and infrastructure as well as additional extras like Remote Hands and Eyes. From one RU up to a whole rack, our affordable colocation options are available.

    So, if you’re just getting started, seeking to grow your network, or looking for a decent disaster recovery site, we invite you to come and visit our facilities and get to know the Go4Hosting staff.


    UPTIME SLA of 99.99 percent

    Our Service Level Availability Guarantee covers all colocated services offered by Go4Hosting. You will receive reimbursements if Go4Hosting fails to satisfy the Availability Guarantee.


    Go4Hosting features redundant power, cooling, and network components intended to meet the Tier III data center requirements. When a utility power outage occurs, diesel generators with 5,000 liters of fuel go on automatically.


    Before dangerous layer 3 & layer 4 traffic reaches your hosted servers, Distributed Denial of Service Protection (DDoS) is built within our internet-facing network and mitigates it.

    FREE WiFi

    While you sit comfortably in our lounge and visit your colocated equipment, take advantage of the incredibly fast connectivity.


    We serve both big and small customers, whether you need 1RU, sub racks, or several safe cabinets.

    Remote hands in COLOR

    The majority of hosting plans come with free Remote Hands and Remote Eyes during work hours.


    Go4Hosting has a wide range of carriers for IP Transit upstream and offers impeccable connectivity.


    With 24/7 remotely controlled cameras around the property, biometric and RFID access is available.

    24/7 SUPPORT

    Customers that use colocation have access to our hotline, which is staffed around the clock, to speak with our engineers for urgent assistance or network difficulties.

    FAQ on full rack colocation hosting

    Any growing business needs additional resources to expand their IT infrastructure. Go4hosting is one of the leading colocation data centers offering a wide variety of resources for your organization to reach its fullest potential. Colocation services are one of the most cost effective solutions to increase productivity without having to spend huge sums of money.

    Colocation hosting is an ideal choice for any growing organization. Go4hosting offers both full rack and half rack colocation hosting  for their clients. If you are looking for additional security features then we can also place your server in a private cage to match your requirements. Our colocation plans are designed in such a way that you only pay for the services that you use. On top of that we continuously monitor your progress ensuring the security of your data.

    Experience highly advanced colocation hosting services  with Go4hosting. We are one of the leading data centers in the country ensuring the security of your IT infrastructure. Get in touch with us if you wish to learn more about our colocation plans at (email address)

    In a purpose-built data center, server colocation simply refers to storing your company’s servers, storage, networking, or security gear.

    To improve connection, increase security, and provide redundancy, colocating enables you to consolidate your IT infrastructure.

    Colocation providers are service providers who have access to space on data center racks.

    The building itself, physical security, temperature management, and redundancy of electricity are all handled by this company.

    The amount of rack space you need will determine the cost of colocation. Depending on the needs, there can be extra fees for appliances with high power consumption and networking costs.

    We provide reasonable colocation prices starting at 1RU. For pricing specific, please contact us.


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