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Step into a realm of boundless opportunities with go4hosting’s state-of-the-art data centers in India. We are reshaping the landscape of data center construction and operations with our cutting-edge facilities Our focus is on transforming the conventional approach, embracing ultra-modern infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of businesses. We strive to empower businesses to efficiently manage their infrastructure. Our commitment is to drive down IT expenses, streamline operations, and centralize storage.

Join us in the data revolution and watch your business soar to new heights!

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    Next-Gen Data Center India For Uplifting Your Business

    Go4hosting’s Tier III datacenters services, the focal point of transformation in product cycle.

    go4hosting’s Data Center in India: Premium Excellence, Unrivalled Services and Data Protection

    Indulge in an unparalleled premium experience with our top-tier servers, effortlessly handling and distributing your data.

    Data Center in India: Everything Your Business Needs

    • Global Reach

      Global ReachOur data center in India has a highly reliable connection. It enables you to have global access to your data from any location you may find yourself. Enlarge the borders of your business with free-of-tension access to new markets.

    • Robust Infrastructure

      Robust Infrastructurego4hosting's data center boasts a robust infrastructure equipped with redundant systems. This results in no-stop service for your data 24/7. You no longer need to be concerned about downtime issues. Enjoy smooth and uninterrupted operations.

    • Growth

      GrowthOur scalable solutions allow you to scale up or down according to demand. Thus, you're always equipped to handle growth. Embrace scalability and watch your business soar.

    • Peace of Mind

      Peace of Mindgo4hosing's data center in India is compliant with industry standards and regulations. It uses reliable security measures to protect your private details. Remember always that your data is secure and safe.

    •  Maximum Efficiency

      Maximum EfficiencyWe will walk next to you in each process stage, from initial installation to continued maintenance, with advice and aid. Maximize efficiency with our dedicated support.

    • Future-Proofing

      Future-Proofing Our data center in India offers forward-thinking solutions designed to keep you ahead of the curve. Embrace innovation and future-proof your success.

    Technical Specifications of Our Data Center in India

    • Seamless Delivery

      Seamless Delivery

      • Tier III Data Center
      • 99.95% SLA backed network uptime
      • Network carrier of your choice
      • Lowest latency
    • Uninterrupted Power

      Uninterrupted Power

      • N+1 Redundancy
      • Each server is equipped with dual power
      • Source choice between AC and DC power
      • 1 MvA on 33kva line
    • Security at its Toes

      Security at its Toes

      • 24/7 CCTV surveillance
      • 3D Sensors, Fire detection
      • Access Control
    • Controlled Environment

      Controlled Environment

      • Isolated hot and cold aisles
      • Humidity 50 +- 10 percent
      • Controlled air circulation
      • Power Chillers

    One-Stop Solution for All Your Data Requirements

    • Secured Location

      Secured Location


      Our data centers in India are located in a secure and protected environment.

    • Cutting-Edge Technology

      Cutting-Edge Technology


      Redundant Foundry and Cisco components are deployed to avoid any component failures.

    • Smart Grid Connections

      Smart Grid Connections


      Equipped with electrification and control system for reliable grid connections

    • Back-Ups



      24*7 uninterrupted power and emergency backup services

    • Network and Capacity

      Network and Capacity


      Robust and seamless network infrastructure for bringing value to your business.

    • Redundancy



      Redundant system to maintain the continuity of business operations

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    Go4hosting Presents State-of-the-art Data Center in India

    With world-class data centers in India, go4hosting has remained the ultimate choice for clients who demand control, flexibility and quality at affordable prices. Setting up a data center in India has never been so easy. Explore the finest range of selections with our services.

    Go4Hosting is amongst India’s leading data center service providers, offering a portfolio of custom-built data center solutions to clients across industries. Powered by fully redundant data centers India, we ensure your applications and websites are always functional. Our scalable data centers are circumscribed under multiple security layers to prevent unethical or unwarranted intrusions.

    At go4hosting, we adhere to best-in-class industry standards to cater to your business’s unique needs. Let us expertly manage your data center infrastructure while you focus on your core business activities.

    What Makes Our Data Center Facilities Unique? 

    Go4hosting’s data center India facilities are incorporated with modern infrastructure and extensive features:

    • Keeping your business functional is our prime objective. We offer guaranteed network uptime of 99.95%.
    • Our leading-edge servers and innovative techniques ensure the lowest latency for your applications. Thereby ascertaining maximum user satisfaction.
    • With an extensive team of technology experts, we ensure all your queries about your IT assets, network and applications get quickly and amicably addressed.
    • Being a carrier-neutral data center facility, we enable businesses to opt for their preferred telecommunication network.
    • Go4hosting owns and manages fully redundant data centers in India that ensure your business resists component failures or power outages. Our multiple recovery and power backup systems make your business journey smooth.
    • Together with Codero, we provide data center services to clients in the United States. Our data center in the United States is located in Overland Park in Kansas City.

    Data Center India FAQ

    A data center is a facility housing a company’s IT operations from where data is distributed and managed. Data centers comprise thousands or millions of dedicated servers interlinked to each other through a common network. Solutions such as dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, are all powered from a data center.

    Depending upon the service, the data center can be classified as either internet-facing or enterprise centers. Internet-facing data centers are not anywhere as robust as the enterprise center and support fewer applications. Enterprise centers, on the other hand, service fewer users because the requirement is colossal.

    Without data centers, there would be no internet as data has to be stored and retrieved from somewhere eventually. All websites, applications, software, and updates come from one of the data centers in the world.

    The cost depends upon a number of conditions. Commercial space in India can cost anywhere between a few hundred to several thousand INR per square feet depending upon the location. Apart from that, major expenses incurred are in procuring servers and setting up the ideal working environment.

    A lot of data centers in India offer colocation to clients who want to leverage the flexibility of a data center but cannot afford to tide over the upfront cost. The services for colocation are billed every month, depending upon the resources used.

    Another pocket-friendly alternative is to buy a server hosting plan, wherein the provider apportions a server – or its resource – and in turn, takes charge of all the underpinning activity. However, if you have an enormous appetite for storage, provisioning a data center can help save costs in the long run.

    • TIA-942: It is the Telecommunications Industry Association standard, which outlines the requirements for data centers, including infrastructure, security, and redundancy, ensuring reliability and performance.
    •  ISO 27001: It is an international standard for information security management systems applicable to data centers in India, emphasizing data protection, confidentiality, and integrity.
    • Uptime Institute Standards: Data centers in India often adhere to Uptime Institute standards, particularly Tier Standards, which classify facilities based on their reliability, performance, and redundancy levels.
    • IS 1893: The Indian Standard IS 1893 specifies criteria for earthquake-resistant design and construction, a crucial consideration for ensuring the structural integrity of data centers in seismic zones.
    • BIS Guidelines: The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) issues guidelines relevant to data centers, covering aspects like electrical safety, fire protection, and environmental controls.
    • NIST Framework: While not specific to India, the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework is often referenced for securing data in Indian data centers.
    • Green Building Standards: Some data centers in India align with green building standards, such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), to promote sustainability and energy efficiency.
    • CEA Regulations: Central Electricity Authority (CEA) regulations in India may influence aspects of power infrastructure and electrical systems within data centers.
    • NBC Guidelines: The National Building Code (NBC) of India provides guidelines on structural safety, fire protection, and other architectural considerations that impact data center construction and design.
    • TRAI Regulations: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) regulations may influence aspects related to connectivity, network infrastructure, and telecommunications within data centers in the country.




    The methodology of classification remains the same regardless of country or location where the facility is situated.

    At present, data facilities are classified into four tiers, namely – Tier I, II, III, & IV. Higher the tier, better and more advanced is the technology used in it.

    Tier I, though now obsolete, is still in use because it is the cheapest data center to set up. Tier I data centers have just enough components to keep them running. Power and colling lines have a single path, and there are no redundant components in the system. Glitches as minor as a component failure can render the entire data center useless and out of operation.

    Tier II is an improvement over Tier I. It is backed by several redundant components, cooling and power lines. The system is not fully fault-tolerant, but major problems such as power disruption and maintenance do not impact data center operations at all. The system is still prone to failure and is not completely fault-tolerant.

    Tier III is the perfect blend of performance and cost-effectiveness. Go a step higher and you pay too much, step down a tier and you end up compromising the performance. Tier III has multiple power sources, uplinks and redundancy in almost every component. Most data centers in India are Tier III.

    Tier IV – the most advanced data center in operation today. It is completely redundant and fault-tolerant, hosts several uplinks and backups. Tier IV is supposedly invincible. However, a tier IV might have little to offer over tier III when weighted against the exorbitant cost over its predecessor.

    Absolutely. Data centers in India have been long known for providing industry-best IT solutions that are not just affordable but also reliable. Outsourcing IT operations will not hamper your IT but rather enhance it by deescalating unnecessary burdens off your shoulder. The availability of skilled labour allows us to deliver excellence.

    Datacenter location will have little to no impact. So whether your hosting provider is in India or in the US makes very little difference. Further, if you are planning to expand the horizon of your business to some other country, it would help if you host the website in the country’s native server, because of its proximity to the end-user.


    Data centers are used to store, manage, and process vast amounts of digital information, ensuring accessibility and reliability for businesses and organizations. They serve as centralized hubs for computing resources, facilitating the hosting of websites, applications, and critical business systems, ensuring seamless operations. Data centers also play a crucial role in supporting cloud services, enabling the storage and retrieval of data, and providing the infrastructure for various online activities, from streaming to e-commerce.

    The expense associated with establishing a data center in India can fluctuate significantly, contingent upon factors like dimensions, infrastructure prerequisites, and technological specifications. The cost typically spans from a few million to several hundred million INR, encompassing expenses related to construction, equipment, security, and ongoing operational needs.

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