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Break-fix services rule the hosting industry. Businesses with problems approach certified technicians that manage, maintain and undertake essential chores to optimize business functions.

Go4hosting’s managed cloud hosting service does just that. It enhances digital business and augment organizations’ capacity to operate under a shoe-string budget. By subscribing to our managed cloud hosting services, businesses can unlock unprecedented expertise at reduced rates, and soar newer heights under affordable budgets.

Go4hosting Managed Cloud Hosting Services. Surprisingly Affordable.

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Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Network & Security

Safeguard your network perimeter with DDoS, Firewall, load balancer and network monitoring service


Cloud Storage & Backup

Create Veeam backup or hire us as your backup service provider to automate database replication on robust backup servers


Enterprise Email

Give your email its first professional makeover, manage all exchange servers and provide spam protection



Configure SSL, manage TLS and strengthen HTTP connection with Go4hosting-managed SSL


Disaster recovery

Get professionals to manage backups, and draft DR plans for added business resilience


Remote hands

Summon our network engineers right when you need them, and get the hands-on diagnosis done with remote hands service


Big data

Get comprehensive insights into big data clusters, through our big data services


Migration Cloud H

Get expert tech service to pack and move your files and apps to external servers with near-zero downtime and conduct real-time migration


What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

Managed cloud hosting is popularly known as managed cloud computing. It is a cloud computing solution that accesses and shares resources across a remote network via multiple servers into another location. These resources are databases, software tools, hardware tools.

The main benefit of a managed cloud hosting is complete security and steady availability. Managed cloud hosting is deployed in the form of monthly contracts to the businesses. Servers are purchased in slices or as virtual servers in managed cloud hosting. It helps the enterprises to run the critical apps for the longer time.

Key Features of Our Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud generally represents a reliable infrastructure. That is why we offer a trusted set-up and guarantee high-performance

Designed for Scalability

At, our managed cloud is specially designed to meet all your business requirements. Our professional experts work closely with you right from the start. You have complete liberty to scale your website with the growing user base.

Warning and Monitoring Performances

We offer customized monitoring to help your workloads experience peak performance. Our experts offer rapid response and quick resolution alerts in your cloud environment.

Actions and Administration

Management of production workloads across multiple deployment models needs in-depth technical expertise. So at, our engineers help you to operate your cloud environment. Hence, you leverage services that are affordable and guarantee high performance levels.

Managed Support For Specific Hosting Services

Managed ServicesInclusionsMonthly Cost/Server
OS ManagementOS Installation , Patch Updates and other basic tasks for Linux and WindowsRs. 2995
DB ManagementMySQL and MSSQL DB ManagementRs. 4995
Remote Hand ServiceHDD Installation , Cabling , Patching , Memory Upgrade and other services up to 5 hours per monthRs. 1000
Email ManagementManagement of Zimbra, Exchange , Qmail , or any open source email server including services like Anti-Spam and Virus or management of SMTP, IMAP, POP , user supportRs. 9995
Network ManagementMonitoring of all essential services on server and bandwidth managementRs. 4995
Hypervisor ManagementVirtual Machines management and Hypervisor Support for Hyper-V , Xen, KVMRs. 8995

Our DatacentersIndustry leaders in managed services

Reliable Secure Certified

  • 20+ years of experience Managing services online
  • 3datacenters Entirely owned and self-managed
  • 6 Fortune 500 companies Served with managed services
  • 50+ Services Available as both managed and unmanaged service

We’ve the expertise to solve all your problems surrounding hosting

Keep pace with the speed of your business with Go4hosting’s managed services

  • Management Cloud Levels

    Decide on Management Levels Choose how involved you want us to get, by selecting different management levels, customizable to your business’s requirements.

  • Management Cloud Affordable Expertise

    Affordable Expertise Go4hosting’s managed services allow you affordable access to the industry’s best professionals, tuned for all work scenarios.

  • Management Cloud We scale, you tell

    We scale, you tell Tell us when and how you want your resources scaled, and we’d undertake necessary actions, achieving desired results.

  • Management Cloud Patched by Us

    Patched by Us Updates, fixes and patches are, by default, also managed by us. You can choose which updates you want us to skip.

  • Management Cloud Stay in control

    Stay in control We’re your hands online, and work just how you want us to work, so you are never really out of control.

  • Management Cloud We’re all ears

    We’re all ears Reach out to us at any moment and we’d start digging out for you as soon as we can.

Why Us?

We facilitate borderless growth, maximum your business throughput and cut down expenses.

  • Managed Cloud Customers First

    Customers First

  • Managed Cloud Scale as you go

    Scale as you go

  • Managed Cloud Committed resources

    Committed resources Resources allocated are committed to your use only and shall never be shared with anyone, no matter what.

  • Managed Cloud 24/7 Support

    24/7 Support Our agents are available 24/7. You can reach out to us via mail, call or through our e-ticketing system online.

  • Managed Cloud Flexible billing

    Flexible billing Choose how frequently you want your bills generated. Choose from different bill cycles and timelines.

  • Managed Cloud ISO compliant

    ISO compliant Our managed services comply with SAP, ISO, and all obligatory certifications and maintain a constant service quality throughout.

Managed Cloud Hosting

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