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Revolutionize your communication strategies with go4hosting – Your gateway to enhanced business connections! Our email server hosting liberates you from server management worries. Plus, our expert team handles setup and upkeep, ensuring a reliable, secure, and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Robust security shields your business from email threats, allowing you to focus on growth. Our 24/7 support team is always at your service, ensuring a seamless experience. Transform your communications with go4hosting today!

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    Cheap Unlimited emails, multiple IPs with in-built spam protection

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    Key Deliverables

    Cheap Email servers that drive results and reliability by delivering rock solid dependability


    • Know Your Email Hosting Customer

      Know Your Customer


      Your SMTP requirements are carefully analyzed in accordance with our operating procedure, and then a relevant solution is proposed to you.

    • Cheap Email Hosting Automatic Sizing

      Automatic Sizing


      Our systems automatically size all your requirements based on customer expectations to ensure consumer demands are indeed met in the right way.

    • Cheap Email Hosting Order



      Your order is finalized and moved to the cart at the same time a backend team starts working on your servers and add-ons.

    • Cheap Email Hosting Deploy



      Servers are delivered only after all functionalities have been tested and verified by an expert, post which go-live is initiated and deployment is finalized.

    • Cheap Email Hosting Market



      Once you verify that all functions are working up to your expectations, we activate further functions, if not already activated, so you can begin marketing rigorously.

    Who can Benefit from Our Email Hosting Service?

    At Go4hosting, we present an cheapest email hosting service designed to cater to the varying demands of businesses of all sizes. 

    Small Businesses 

    We offer a cost-effective alternative to managing email communications for small businesses. Our cheapest email hosting in India is incorporated with excellent features that will assist you in communicating with your team and customer efficiently. 

    Medium-Sized Businesses

    Our email hosting service offers flexible storage options and advanced features that assist medium-sized businesses in managing their email communication efficiently. 

    Large Corporations

    Our cheap email hosting in India offers high security and custom domains that help large corporations present a professional image to their clients. 

    Non-Profit Organizations

    Go4hosting offers exceptional features at affordable prices. It helps non-profit organizations communicate with their donors and volunteers effectively.

    Educational Institutions

     Our email hosting services provide educational institutions with the tools they need to manage email communication and collaborate more effectively.

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    Benefits of Email Servers

    Benefits of Email Hosting Servers India

    Your organization would do just as good with free email services but your customers won’t stick for long. Having a dedicated email server helps you unlock numerous functions and perform on areas that you would otherwise lack. Modern businesses should have an email host because –

    It lets you have more control over your email

    Expenses can be better managed since dedicated email hosts cost less

    Functionalities can be more finely tuned when you own a server

    Emails are less likely to bounce off or when they do, you’d know the reason at least

    Email Server Hosting: A Quick Go Through

    Corporate Affordable email hosting has now become an essential service for businesses to run email servers. Corporate or enterprise Cheap email hosting helps you establish your organization’s brand and credibility as well. A business email ID bears the company’s name that authenticates the sender of the email.

    However, there are a number of companies offering free email services, but such email IDs do not entail the company’s name, hence fail to win the trust of the recipients. A free business email ID doesn’t even give a sense of professionalism. While, on the other hand, a professional email ID not only helps establishing credibility, but also helps promote brand as company’s name stays visible with every communication the employee makes.

    You can easily integrate your server to host email services, or in case the host is already cluttered with too many files, you can run an independent cheapest email server hosting. However, for ease in management, it is advisable to host email in the same server as your website. We deploy two of the most collaborative email servers – Zimbra & Microsoft Exchange – running in a highly reliable environment, so you enjoy a seamless email experience.

    Ultra-modern cloud infrastructure of Go4hosting provides an affordable fully-managed email server hosting solutions for your businesses at very cheap email server hosting price, backed by a state-of-the-art technical support team that works tirelessly towards ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction. Our affordable email services very well integrate with your products. The reliability, performance and support that backs our services are known throughout the industry. Our cheap email hosting services are hosted in our own data centers, allowing us to keep prices competitive and in turn, provide cheap email hosting. We have meticulously crafted a spectrum of plans, keeping in mind the needs prevailing in industry today. Our commitment towards providing world-class services has made us upturn every stone on the path to success. To expand our horizon, we began offering cheapest email hosting while still providing top-notch services. So, whether you are a multi-million business or an entrepreneur who has just ventured an enterprise, Go4hosting has a plan for you.

    Let’s Augment Your Business Throughput with Cheap E-mail Server Hosting Solutions

    We, at Go4hosting, thrive to excel businesses of our clients by making use of our customized and affordable email hosting solutions from our ultra-modern data centers, backed by immaculate technical support from highly skilled and friendly professionals. Our email server hosting experts customize enterprise-grade email solutions as to meet every needs of your business, thus augmenting your business profitability. Our support team works tirelessly to ensure you never face a technical glitch.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you need a domain to host an email but you may buy an SMTP server with and without a domain available.

    You may send as many as you want, depending on the configuration of your server. The ideal limit may range from 100 to a few thousand in one go.

    Yes, check our enterprise email page for managed email service.

    It takes typically 48 business hours once an order is successfully placed.

    Email hosting is an internet-based hosting, operating email server. It is a service in which your emails, attachments, and all the other email-related data are stored in the recipient server.

    Your email addresses will generally have your domain name. When a mail is sent to you, it is routed all across the internet and stored on your recipient server – just like your Gmail messages are stored in Google’s server and then relayed on your account.

    Email hosting is the same as any other hosting; the only difference being, the host will store only email-related data. You can choose to have a single or different server for both your website and your email account.

    There are no fixed prices for hosting emails, as such. The price varies according to the plan to which you will subscribe. Obviously, the more you pay, better the control that you get.

    Email hosting can be expensive, considering that a lot of providers such as Gmail& Yahoo provide email services for free. However, these providers will not offer you corporate email services for free, because these services are better managed and require extensive investments.

    Why should you pay for Cheap email hosting when there are several free email service providers? Because a corporate email is the sign of professionalism and conveys your authority as the right representative of the company.

    To know our cheap email hosting plans in detail, Chat our expert.

    Email hosting and web hosting are not the same, and no, web hosting does not include email. You will need to purchase an email hosting plan separately.

    Web hosting means storing website and its files on one or more servers, or computers, whereas, in email hosting, you only store email data. Cheapest Email server hosting cannot run a website, and neither can web hosting run email services.

    Web servers and email servers may or may not be different. You can host your email and website on the same physical server or different servers if you want. You can also choose to have a different host for each service.

    Absolutely. There is no need to have a domain to host an email. The two are virtually independent. So, you can have a cheap email hosting plan whether or not you have a domain by that name. However, it is advisable to have a domain to reinforce customer trust. It will be advantageous to host an email if you have already hosted a website; emails will only require a few tweaks to set up in your server.

    Yes, but it is recommended that you do not do so. Personal accounts might convey unprofessionalism to your client, making it difficult for you to retain customers and make valuable business deals.

    Using personal Gmail can deter your credibility as a professional.

    Moreover, you have virtually zero control over the accounts of your employees. Though corporate email comes at a price, it is value for money.

    Free email services do not offer your business the customizability and flexibility that paid email service does. You are likely to get a vague email address such as ‘[email protected]”.

    When you opt for any of our cheap email servers, you get the liberty to customize email addresses and trail it with your brand name instead of a generalized address.

    Plus, admin rights come packed with our cheap email server hosting. With admin privileges, you can monitor work, manage groups and keep track of your progress.

    We offer you to choose from either Zimbra Email Hosting or MS Exchange Email Hosting.

    Both are highly popular collaboration suites and differ only in the underlying operating systems. Microsoft exchange is the costlier commercial application, whereas Zimbra is an open-source email solution.

    Microsoft exchange server will only work with Windows OS. Zimbra, on the other hand, works pretty much with every operating system. Microsoft server integrates with MS Outlook and other Windows product seamlessly and boasts of high availability. Zimbra, based on the open-source license, is more secure, reliable, and light on your coffers.

    A cheap email hosting company can provide a low-cost alternative for managing email communication without sacrificing quality. You can enjoy the benefits of a professional email service that offers a variety of options to fulfill your requirement within your budget. Furthermore, a cheap email hosting service may assist you in projecting a professional image to your clients and consumers. It can aid in the development of confidence and credibility in your company.

    To know more about Cheap email hosting services, check out our blog

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